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Privacy Policy


We log visits and comments. You may supply your email address when making a comment, but it is always optional. We don't currently have accounts, but if we offer them, you'll be required to include a working email address. A cookie text file may be stored on your computer so that we can maintain state between our server and your computer.

WHAT WE WON'T DO WITH THE INFORMATION will never disclose your email address or other personal information to other parties. We will do our best to protect any personal information you may intentionally or unintenionally provide.

Any comments you post may be made public, but your act of submitting those posts indicates your acceptance of this policy. Any posts that are unacceptable by our standards will not be made public.


If compelled by laws in our jurisdiction, we may supply your information to law enforcement agencies. Other than that, we only look at summarized information and do not supply information to third parties.

On occassion, if we are experiencing problems and need to diagnosis usage, we may review the detailed logs that tell us where users are coming from, looking for, and seeing.


By clicking on a link to our site sponsors, you may be taken to a third party website with a different privacy policy. Our policy only applies to the mojocode domains.

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