Zimbra and Barracuda Cagefight SMTP Address Rejection Battle!

Ever have your Zimbra server and Barracuda anti-spam system fighting it out over bad recipients? This can really slow down the Barracuda's interface and mail processing.

The fix I used back in 2009 was to make some changes to the POSTCONF settings in zmmta.cf

AVG Remote Admin Server Goes to 100% CPU

One of my client's AVG Remote Admin servers would go to 100% CPU usage and then refuse remote connections. Sometimes it would be temporary, but sometimes it would take a start/stop of the service to get things going again.

That would be OK, once a year or so, but this system started needed it every week.

While I haven't run a full week after what I did, I did come up with a way to start off with a clean database, which is what the problem was, I think...

What is Your Job?

Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar.
--Drew Carey

What is your job?
"Director of IT?"
No, those are job titles.

What is your job?
"I support the servers and the network."
"I'm a software developer."
"I help clients with computer problems."
No, those are job functions.

What is your job?

Here is the answer and it is so simple...

Odd Excel 2003 Hanging Mouse Cursor

I had a system with an odd little problem. The user was using Excel 2003 and all of a sudden, it looked like Excel hung. Everywhere the user clicked with the left mouse button, nothing happened. The right button would select a cell an inch away from the cell that was clicked on and the pop-up menu would appear down and to the right from the point clicked. While Excel looked like it was hung, it really wasn't as even though it wasn't behaving, it was running...

Review of Microsoft's Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000

I picked up a Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 to leave at a client of mine. I do a lot of onsite software development there and already have an external monitor and docking station there. I always have a bluetooth mouse and wrist pad with me, but I had gotten to the point where I wanted a full keyboard instead of using the keyboard on the laptop.

I'm pretty picky about keyboards. I spend a lot of my time typing either emails, blogs, or, oh yeah, code, so a good keyboard is a must...

"2 Snaps Up!" or How to Slap Down Snap on Windows 7

Windows 7 is basically OK, but there are some things that have been added to "improve" it that drive me nuts. One of those is the default setting that causes windows that get near the edge of the screen to suddenly pop full screen. In addition to these kinds of new "features", Windows 7 also does a good job hiding where you need to go to fix these settings.

The Aero interface is what does this and the feature is called the "Snap Window Arrangement" feature.

So, if you've done some searching and hit Google and been scared off by the articles that tell you to change the registry and logoff/logon, have no fear! The setting is easy to change, doesn't require a logoff/logon, and is super simple to do, once you find it...

10 Travel Survival Tips for the Traveling Geek

"Travel is fatal... to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."
-- Mark Twain

Business travel isn't what it used to be. Or maybe it is, but just more so.

Here are 10 quick tips to improve your trips...

Eclipse 64-bit Complains about Memory on an 8GB system?

I was getting an error in Eclipse (Helios) when starting up complaining about "GC overhead limit exceeded". GC is the garbage collector, but I hadn't changed any limits. I was using more and larger projects...

Testing Virgin Mobile's Broadband2Go

UPDATE 2/21/2011: It gets worse. I can no longer recommend Virgin Mobile for anyone but those that have no other options. The monthly price went up $10 from $40 to $50 per month and the cap went down from 5GB to 2.5GB before you get throttled. If you have the current plan, you're OK for now, but if anything happens (like your credit card expires) and your plan doesn't stay 100% active, you'll lose the $40 plan and be forced into the more expensive, more limited $50 plan. STAY AWAY FROM VIRGIN MOBILE!

UPDATE 1/17/2011: While my information in this review remains accurate and true for most aspects for Virgin Mobile's BB2G product, they just announced that they are discontinuing the unlimited plan and it is now an "unlimited to 5GB, then you'll be throttled" plan. I can't recommend it anymore as a DSL replacement or "use it if you can't get DSL" plan, except for the lightest of users. When will these companies realize that the real world uses more than 5GB a month?

I decided to try out Virgin Mobile's Broadband2Go data service. We have good Sprint coverage around here and that is the network VM uses.

I chose the USB modem since I didn't need the mifi shared service and the device cost a lot less. I have a router at home that takes USB broadband modems, so that was nice, too.

The modem is an Ovation MC760, so it is compatible with many 3G compatible routers. The cost online was just $79 and the monthly prepaid service is advertised at $40 per month unlimited (without limits). The low cost, Sprint 3G network, and $40 per month all pointed to a pretty good deal for my use.

I ordered the modem online directly from Virgin and had it in two business days. The cost online was $79 vs. $99 from Best Buy, so I went that way.

I did have a few problems installing it...

Ricoh MP C3000 Won't Send Scans Via Gmail or Google Apps

I just lost 3 hours of my life I'll never get back because after upgrading a client to Google Apps, I couldn't get their Ricoh MP C3000 to send scans via email!


I've used gmail and Ricoh printers for, like, forever, and haven't had a problem with either, but neither one wanted to place nice when I tried to point the Ricoh at gmail.

I scanned forums, manuals, and tried all of the settings that work fine on the other setups I've had. I checked AT&T, Google, and Ricoh sites for info, but no joy.

It turned out to be pretty simple, and then not...

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