Terminal Services Disconnects

There are a couple of things that can affect Windows 2000+ Terminal Server disconnects.

  • Make sure you have all of the disconnect settings set to "Never".
  • Make sure you have a quality connection between the client and the server. Flaky connection=frequent disconnects.
  • You probably want to enable the Keep Alive mechanism. See the Microsoft KB article 216783 for details.

US Signal Agent

Got T1? I am now an agent for US Signal. T1 Internet is available in many service areas for less than $400 per month. Locations needing access via Central Offices that are out-of-network are just $100 more per month. US Signal also has great collocation services available, too, with 24 hour keyed access.

Mojocode's own blog software has been developed

I wanted to add a simple, easy to use blog capability for my website. Everything I looked at, including hosting it externally was overkill for what I wanted. So what is a developer to do? I made my own. By adding some file processing capability to my website build scripts (written in perl), I've added the ability to blog away. I can still see room for a number of improvements, including the ability to do things with a GUI, but right now this should work just fine.

I've Joined Quickbooks Developer Program

I just joined the Quickbooks Developer program.

Being a member will give me access to documentation, support, discounts, and the programmer's SDK so that I can write programs with a direct interface to the QuickBooks data without having to import/export information.

I currently have 3 projects where I need this capability.

Microsoft Developer Network Membership Renewed

In spite of concerns about Microsoft dropping VB6 support, I decided to keep up my membership in the MSDN.

The program is a good deal. I also have the Action Pack and get that at a discount. The free operating systems and applications give me the framework I need to continue to support my MS clients.

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