Smoky Pepper Cheese Spread

This is a great dip for the holidays or other social gatherings and is super-easy to pull together at the last minute. The Tiger Sauce adds some heat and sweet and the Liquid Smoke gives it a nice background flavor.

Reduced Rights Users and the XP Power Control Panel App

By default, users running with reduced rights (not Administrators or Power Users) cannot change the power management functions in XP.

For instance, let's say a user has a laptop and logs on with user rights. If they try to right click on the desktop, click Properties, click Screen Saver, then click Power..., they'll see the power settings. However, when they try to change the settings, they'll get an error about not having the right to change these settings.

Running a Memory Test from Linux

Here's how you can download and run the memtester memory testing program while in Linux (instead of using a boot cd with it on it)

Using Outlook and Exchange on a Remote System

Often remote users need access to full exchange functionality. This can now be done with Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2003 by using RPC over HTTP.

Microsoft Photo Editor Error

If you run XP like you should and run users with reduced rights, you will eventually get an error in Microsoft Photo Editor that says "No file format information can be found in the Registry". This is a registry permissions issue for MS's shared tools.

Linux: Handling Directories with Lots of Files

I have a project where we are anticipating a large number of files per directory and had concerns about how well ext3 would perform with 50,000 files in one directory. Actually, because of the nature of the project it would be 3 times that as the files get saved in 3 formats.

For some time, ext3 has support built-in for directory indexing. In some samples, this has allowed tests that took 38 minutes without the directory indexing option to be completed in 11 seconds (the example was for adding 100,000 files to a directory).

New Mojocode Website Viewing Option

Because of the way drupal works, I was able to easily add a new menu option to the website that displays "Everything" as grid. This lets you scroll thru a table of the entire contents of the website sorted by Date added (days old). Click any column to re-sort by that column. Neat.

Click here or on Everything in the menu.

Setting Up Subversion with Ubuntu 6.06

It is so easy, but so... not.

The packages are already built, so you just have to know what to install. I was able to get subversion running as a server, but had difficulty finding the apache module. Here's what I did...

Comic Strip Artist's Kit

I really enjoyed the scans at Temple of the Seven Golden Camels of the Comic Strip Artist's Kit, the work of Carson Van Osten a cartoonist at Disney. To make it easier for me to print and carry the 7 page work with me, I converted it to a credited PDF.

Getting Started with Drupal

Drupal has pretty good install documents, but there are some things that one should remember to do that aren't included in the basic documentation or that are specific to how I typically do things.

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