Fix is out for Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboardddddddddddddd Problemmmmmmmm

I almost love my Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard: No number pad, sleek design, bluetooth, Star Trek Next Gen-like volume control, dorky glidepad thingy, glowing indicators when you press the Fn key... Great battery life, too.

The problem with my first unit was that the volume control would go nuts every once in awhile, like every few days, and that can be pretty embarrasing when you are listening to something like "Supermodel" by Taylor Dayne and everyone in the office can hear... It also had the nasty habit of suddenly repeating keyssssssssssssssssssssssssss until you reset the power on it. You'd especially have a problem if you hit the Backspace key!

Dell D620 No Longer Able to Hibernate

I love my Dell D620, but every once in awhile... All of a sudden, I no longer had an option to hibernate (which I use exclusively for shutting down my laptop). There was an option to switch to that, but whenever I saved the option, it would immediately switch back to Suspend (yuck!). The tab to enable Hibernate on the power settings panel disappeared.

4th of July Sparklers

I came up with this drink on July 4th, 2007. My wife and kids had been picking fresh berries on the 3rd and I was looking for something fresh and colorful to drink on the 4th. What better than a tribute to the old red, white, and blue?!

Grilled Meatloaf

Meatloaf. You love it or you hate it. I promise you'll love this one. At least, if you don't love it, I'll give you back what you paid for the recipe.

Acronis TrueImage with Limited User Rights

One of my favorite tools in my bag of laptop support tricks is Acronis TrueImage. Users can create unattended backup images of their entire system to a USB drive in just a few minutes a week (after the initial image). If their laptop is lost or stolen, everything they need to recover will be on that image so that their system can be restored to new hardware. The image can be mounted as a drive, for individual file recovery (in the event of accidental deletion) and the image can be accessed as it looked on the day of any incremental backup you select.

The problem I've had in using it since 2006 has been that users running with reduced rights (and that should be just about everybody) can't control when the job runs or restart it later, if they didn't happen to have their backup drive handy.

Having checked the documentation, websites, google, etc., I hadn't come up with a workaround. The usual adding of USER group rights to folders and registry settings hadn't helped.

Then I tried the, restrospectively, obvious...

Network Repair Option Disabled for Limited Rights Users

I've written before about how important it is to have your users running with reduced rights, even remote laptops. By running at reduced rights, you can prevent malware from installing itself or from changing system files. When you run as administrator or the equivalent, any program you run can intenionally or unintentially damage your system.

Laptop users are a little different from desktop users. They are out and about. They need to connect to foreign networks. They need to get to wireless. They need to be able to REPAIR a wireless connection by clicking the repair button or taking the repair option. Using gpedit.msc, you can add back the right for laptop users to enable and disable their LAN connections. However, you can't give them the right to REPAIR a connection and I just spent a few hours figuring out why!

Screamin' Summer Salad

One of my favorite summer salads--so summerlicious I named it, well, Summer. You can get most of the ingredients at a Farmer's Market...

Migrating Users and Workstations from A Windows Workgroup Network to a Domain Security Model

If you ever have to move an old Windows Workgroup-style network (even with Windows Server running, if you don't have the computers join the domain, you are running Windows Workgroup type networking and user management), it can be pretty painful.

If you can front end your server setup with scripts, GPO's, and profiles, it can be easier, but you are still faced with migrating the user's profile off the workstation.

Here are the steps you need to follow to implement a workgroup to domain/active directory model...

Problem with SSL in IE6 Due to Corrupt User Profile

Anytime IE6 would attempt to go to an SSL site for a particular domain user, it would fail with a "page cannot be displayed" message. I tried several of the common solutions to SSL problems in IE without success...

Squished Fonts in Word 2003

I've had a client that had a problem with Word 2003 all of a sudden switching the document's font and squishing it all into 1 narrow column on the left side of the document. Switching the printer to another printer would temporarily fix the problem, but it would typically reoccur in a short period of time.

The problem seems to be that Word leaves behind some corrupt temporary files. Cleaning up these files eliminates the problem (until more files get left behind).

I'm not sure what causes the corruption, but here's how you can fix it...

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