Mount an ISO Image in Windows XP

I usually work in Linux when I'm building and mounting ISO images, but occasionally I need to do so from Windows XP.

Microsoft provides an unsupported utility to do so. The "Virtual CD Control Panel" is not that friendly to install, so you'll need some skills, but it works rather nicely once you get it working and it is FREE. Just follow the README.TXT directions and you should be OK.

How to Set Up Dell Perc 4/SC Monitoring on Ubuntu 6 LTS

I needed to be able to monitor a RAID controller on an Ubuntu Linux server running with a Dell PERC 4/SC RAID controller with SCSI drives. Dell does not support this configuration, but they do provide some RPM packages that can be modified to run on Ubuntu. Here's how I did it...


I really like this little laptop from ASUS. I tested the 4gb model running the installed linux and was very pleased with the features, functions, and capabilities of the system.

I bought the unit for $320, including shipping, and was pleased when I opened the box and found a lightweight power supply, a cute little laptop, and an XP driver CD.

N800; Cool AND Useful

I picked up a Nokia N800 internet tablet for a project I'm doing for a client. We wanted an inexpensive wireless access device for a warehouse control project. Since the custom application is web-based (using SugarCRM as the base), we needed something that would handle full web browser functionality in a hand held package. The N800 fits the bill with a few caveats.

GimpShop Installation in a Reduced Rights (Secure) Environment

I had to install GimpShop for a client. They run in a reduced rights environment (why isn't everyone running their XP network that way?), which can be a little problematic with some software installations. Stupid software will require the user that will be using the software to have administrator rights to not only install the software, but to run it.

I'll cut gimpshop some slack because it is really just a hack to get a cross platform image manipulation software package to run under Windows and look like photoshop, but still, the installer could have been a lot smarter.

I installed the software as administrator for the domain and it seemed to work OK.

However, I ran into two issues...

Expired Self-signed SSL Causes Client Grief

I have a client that uses a self-signed certificate to allow SSL communications via "Outlook Web Access" (OWA), https exchange transfer, and a web folder (WEBDAV). They are their own CA (certificate authority) and generated their own certificate for the web server. When the server certificate, which is only good for 2 years, expired, these applications stopped working.

I was working to fix it and was just looking around at my options when I "accidentally" renewed the CA certificate. This was due to expire in 2036, but was now due to expire in 2038. This seems to have lead to not only the users' applications not working, but prevented much debugging information from showing up.

The clients don't really get much of an error other than "operation failed" or a dns error in the browser. If you hit refresh after the dns/connection error, you'll see the ssl lock shows up in the browser and the IE flag starts spinning, but Internet Explorer (IE) seems to hang and nothing happens. No error message appears.

It took quite awhile of messing around to finally figure out a solution.

First of all...

Moving a Subversion Repository to Another Server

I found a great article here about how to move a subversion repository to another server and it saved me some time. So, basically, here is what it says;

Problematic Update on Ubuntu 6.06 Server

I had a client with a Ubuntu 6.06 server install primarily running just samba and a few other apps. I had it set to automatically update with all security updates at 6am each morning.

Bok Choy Salad

I got this great salad recipe today from Debbie Ward

Exchange User needs access to another mailbox

In Exchange 2003, it is pretty easy to give user A rights to user B's mailbox via Outlook.

Just remember these steps...

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