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Zimbra Upgrade Saga--Going from 4.0 to 6.0!

By steve - Posted on 15 November 2009

I needed to upgrade a client that had been lagging behind on Zimbra release upgrades. In fact, as of November 2009, they were still running 4.0!

Following advice from Zimbra, I decided to do the upgrade in jumps:
4.0.5 > 4.5.0
4.5.0 > 4.5.11
4.5.11 > 5.0.20
5.0.20 > 6.0.2

The problems started with the first upgrade...

First thing I did, and my saving grace, was to backup the entire zimbra directory (this would allow me the fastest recovery should things (and they did) go wrong):

/etc/init.d/zimbra stop
tar cvf zimbra.4.0.5.tar /opt/zimbra > zimbra.4.0.5.log
/etc/init.d/zimbra start

I repeated this (using the current version number) each time, just before I started the next upgrade.

4.0.5 > 4.5.0

When I followed the rest of the directions, everything would start up OK, then fail right after attempting to import the saved settings from That would work, but then right after that, when it tried to stop the services, it would fail with a "Updated failed" error.

I looked at the upgrade log files in /tmp install.log.xxxx and zmsetup.log.xxxx, but they weren't too much help.

Turned out I had two issues that were messing me up.

1. The host name was not complete. The older installation didn't care as much about host settings, but 4.5 cares a lot. I fixed that in /etc/hosts and the internal DNS. Then I had to fix it by changing the configuration files as described here:

2. The upgrade stomps all over the /opt/zimbra folder, which doesn't matter most of the time, but in this particular installation, the /opt folder was in a small volume and /var was in a large volume, so the original installation used a workaround with a symbolic link /opt/zimbra pointing to /var/opt/zimbra. This worked for running the old installation, but was a problem for the upgrade. It deleted the symbolic link and I ended up with files in /opt/zimbra and /var/opt/zimbra, so the upgrade couldn't continue.

Fortunately, I had enough room in /opt to restore from my tar file to /opt/zimbra (then I made sure the old installation would run again before continuing), then I fixed the host issues before attempting another upgrade.

That did the trick and I was able to get things running as 4.5.0.

I tested everything out with that configuration and everything seemed to be fine, so I moved on to the 4.5.11 upgrade.

4.5.0 > 4.5.11

First thing I found out was that I was missing the libstdc++5 package, so I got that from Ubuntu:

apt-get install libstdc++5

The installation then started to run, but was held up because there is a minimum requirement of 5gb needed on a volume before upgrade would run. I had 4gb, so I was close, but there wasn't much to clean out of that volume, just the OS and Zimbra.

I ended up clearing out the logger database and that freed up about 2gb:

That helped a lot and I was able to complete the upgrade.

At this point, it looked pretty good running 4.5.11, but an attempt to send a test message reported an error in the web interface.

To fix this, I had to fix the old entry in the MTA settings so that it was pointing to the correct host name. That, plus a restart of Zimbra, allowed messages to be sent.

4.5.11 > 5.0.20

First thing I found here was that there was a new requirement for the libltdl3 library, so a quick apt-get fixed that:

apt-get install libltdl3

While doing the upgrade, I did the database integrity check (highly recommended), and it started throwing errors like:

error : Table upgrade required. Please do "REPAIR TABLE `help_category`" to fix it!

Looking around, it seemed like I was going to have to do some manual repairs, but this article: reported that I didn't. I tried re-starting the install script and, sure enough, the repair had already been done.

The rest of the upgrade was uneventful.

5.0.20 > 6.0.2

At this point, I was out of time (I'd allocated 6 hours and had spent 8 hours), so I bailed on going to 6.0.2 after reading about some bugs in the interface and other issues. This will have to wait for a future date, but my mission was mostly accomplished.


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