You are hereWant to Change the World? Support the "One World Futbol Project"

Want to Change the World? Support the "One World Futbol Project"

By steve - Posted on 21 July 2010

The One World Futbol Project is helping to spread joy thru soccer to communities in need around the world. (By “Futbol” they mean soccer.)

You can buy an ultra-durable soccer ball from the project and play with it anywhere. That's why it's called an all-terrain ball. It never goes flat, never needs a pump, and never gets punctured. If you try hard, you can puncture it with a knife, but the One World Futbol will still keep playing.

For every ball you buy, the Project will give away a second ball, free, to someone who can’t afford one. Neat.

If you don't need an indestructible soccer ball, you can donate to their foundation and, for every $25 you donate, they'll send a soccer ball to a community that needs it.

Check it out at

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