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Trick for Remote Support: How to Reboot a Win7 System When What You Are Doing Breaks the Network

By steve - Posted on 22 September 2014

I have to re-figure this out every time I need to do it, every few years, so I wrote this to remind me.

Once in a while, I have to change the IP address of a remote network. For instance, Comcast came into a customer of mine and replaced the modem/router. When they did, they put in their own local IP network number and broke the ability to get to any hard-coded IP addresses on the network (like printers). They used to be a 192.168.0.x network and now they were a 10.1.10.x network.

I could change all the hard coded devices to the new IP address scheme OR I could fix the network. It is a lot easier to change the one network than all the devices (on devices I can't easily reach because they are on another network, now, so I'd have to set up temporary IP routes and etc. etc. etc...).

The problem with changing the IP address on a router remotely is that you won't have access to the computer you remote in on after the change because it is still on the wrong network until a reboot.

So here's the simple trick to fix it all at once...

This assumes you are using software like TeamViewer that lets you remote into your computer after it has rebooted (it is always running and doesn't need user assistance).

We'll be changing the IP for the network after we tell the computer to do a delayed reboot. You have to time this pretty well and you only get one shot at it, so be careful!

1. Remote in to a computer you preferably have Admin privileges on and that uses DHCP to get its IP address.
2. Get to the page in the router' config where you can change the IP address of the network.
3. Make the change, but don't save it, yet!!!
4. Open a command window (Click Start, run, cmd)
5. When you are ready to go, type this in the cmd window: shutdown /r /t 30
6. The /r means reboot, the /t and 30 tells it to wait 30 seconds. You can change the 30 seconds to whatever you want. Don't make it less than 10 seconds or you won't have time to save the router config change.
7. When you are ready, press ENTER on the cmd window and a message will pop up about the system shutting down.
8. Click SAVE on the router configuration screen.
9. You'll get kicked off your remote screen. That's OK.
10. The remote computer will reboot, get a new IP address, and be ready for you to get back into.

That's all it takes!

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