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Strange Windows Backup Agent Error Message

By steve - Posted on 25 September 2009

I'm using's Windows Backup Agent at a client's to sync between a Windows Server and a Linux Server. It is being used as an intermediate backup solution while I work out some other issues.

Anyway, I initially configured the backup agent to run a one-time job to backup everything (per the instructions for setting it up) and it ran correctly.

However, when I went to change the profile to a scheduled job, or go to change ANYTHING on the profile as it turns out, I get an error that says, "NOTE The server you are trying to access is not covered by this software license" and it won't let me save any changes...

The solution (workaround) is pretty lame. Don't click OK. Click "Save as..." and save it to the same profile name.

I need to do more research as to why I get the error, but that at least let me save the profile.


I'm getting the same message, I thought the rsync Backup Agent was available for free??

Same message, but the workaround didn't work. Annoyed to find that I wasted my time with this tool.

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