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Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1s Won't Boot

By steve - Posted on 12 May 2011

OK, fantastic, I just got a free, totally sweet, Samsung Galaxy 10" Tablet for being at Google IO. I spent the second day of GoogleIO using only the tablet (and barely my Nexus One phone) having left my backpack and laptop safely locked up. Feeling the freedom, baby! I was hoping for about 8 hours of battery, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that, after a full day of use during the conference, I still had 50% of my battery left!

Everything was going fantastic. I dropped my stuff off in my hotel room, set up everything to charge, the took off for dinner (In-N-Out, DoubleDouble combo #1, if you're keeping track).

When I got back to my room after dinner, disaster had struck! My little tablet was totally dead. Completely unresponsive. All attempts to reset by holding in the power button failed. I was getting pretty desperate...

I left it on the charger for awhile longer, just to see if I could get the giant "battery charging" indicator icon to come up, but nothing. All combinations of button pressing and alternate sequences didn't yield any response.

However, a quick bit of Googling came up with a fix that is pretty simple, but still unexplained:

  • Make sure you've had it on the charger for at least an hour or so. It won't start without enough charge.
  • You may have to try the remaining steps without having the USB cable hooked up (I've had it work with and I have it not work until it was without).
  • Press and hold the on button. Keep it down while...
  • HERE'S THE SECRET: At the same time, keep a finger on the screen.
  • Keep watching and you might see a slight change of color on the screen.
  • Hold it down for 15 seconds or more. Be patient.
  • You should get the battery icon or the system will just reboot.
  • Once you get the battery icon, you're set. Just press the on button for 10 seconds and the tablet will shutdown.
  • Now power up as normal to reboot.
  • You can also put it back on the charger.

That's what did it for me. I saw there were issues with tablets running Android 2.2 having this problem and then the freeze issue got fixed with 2.2.1. The 10.1 runs Honeycomb 3.0, so maybe the bug crept back in.

Hopefully this will get fixed with 3.1 which should be out shortly. XOOM users are getting 3.1 starting this week, so hopefully this Galaxy will be getting it quickly as well.

Update 1: I have 3.1 and the latest updates from Samsung and it happened again. The freeze happened AFTER the update. So far, it has only happened once after using initially and after an update and a low battery and a charge, in both cases.

Update 2: I had this happen a 3rd time. This time it wouldn't boot until I had charged it for an hour AND disconnected the USB cable. I've added those things to the instructions.

If you are a #googleio attendee and this happened to you, please leave a comment and also note if this worked for you or not.

Sadly I'm having the same issue. I tried the fix but my tab still hasn't come back to life.

Anyone else having this problem? Any other solutions?

I am having the same issue but this fix isn't working for me either.

Last night the battery was almost dead so i put it on the charger to charge for the night, but when i wake up this morning its still not charged, it is still just as dead the the screen is still on. I was just thinking it was the outlet maybe so i plugged it up somewhere else and still not charging. i was able to power it off thinking it just needed to be restarted, but now it wont power back on at all. Anyone have any advice?? anything would be appreciated, and thank you in advance.

It could be your charger. Because I had the same issue before and had to buy a new charger. They're not very durable or long lasting. It's very cheap and you can find it on amazon for $10

Just go Google it.

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i cant open my tab . even if i put it on recovery mode i cant stil open it because it freeze . what should i do ? please help me as soon as posible

i went on my tab for a little while but i went to turn it off and it kept on repeating the start logo please please help me

My tab also went to turn off and it keep on repeating the samsung logo . How did you solve this problem ? I really don't have any idea ,


I am also having like same problem, my tab is getting restart continuosly, also internal memory is full. i tried to reboot, but no luck. So how to solve this problem. Pls help me guys.

I was just browsing when suddenly it froze after about 5 secs it blacked out. I desperately keep pressing the power button but to no avail i only have the dim light on but nothing appeared on screen..pls help if know how to fix

Well, same thing here. My tablet froze TWICE! But, I managed to find out the leading cause. It was a stupid app I downloaded. After I waited a day, and the first thing I did was delete it for good. So I just tried the same process and it worked after waiting a WEEK for it to work it did. I held the button and pressed the screen for about 30 seconds. Try that instead. If doesn't work just go to the place you bought it at. (Best buy, Costco, etc) They can surely help you.

How did you find out which app it was?

This has been happening off and on for a month or so, it took several days to get it to come on. It says its charged when it finally comes on. Stupidly I turned it off, your solution worked instantly. I guess Ill just have to keep it on all the time. Thanks I"m getting ready to go on a long bus trip and really enjoy having it. Thanks!


Don't worry because I had the problem for the first time...Just hold the power on button for a few seconds and suddenly your phone will open by itself....Try it....

had the same problem but it worked for me...held my finger on the screen and the button for around 20 seconds...all good now

Thank you it worked for me. But i always have mine plugged in. So far so good.

Thank you


me. dead as a door nail despite pressing power and sound up/down buttons, charging, usb to computer.

yes i was able to reboot using the process. thanks!

Holding the power button while pressing on the screen forced mine to come on! Thanks for the info!

Tried the "hold power button and tap screen technique" and it TOTALLY WORKED!!! After leaving it charging for like an hour, I held the power button and just started tapping on the screen, and after about 10 times it came on! I was very happy to find this site!

I followed the directions held the power button while pressing on the screen. Worked perfectly! Thanks so much. I just didn't know what to do.

what part of the screen were you pressing?? hasnt worked for me so far..

was the first time this had ever happened and I was panicked! Thank you!!

All I can say is "thank you very much" this did help.

Thanks a lot for posting. I thought mine was toast. My device was not plugged in but holding the power with a finger on the display for 15 seconds worked. It began to boot after that.

Phew! Thanks! My tab wouldn't start after a failed 3.1 update, so I feared it was a flash gone wrong for a moment!
But now it lives again!

Wow! You're instructions were great. I was also at 50% power, and was having difficulty with switching applications. Then it just wouldn't turn on. I followed your instructions and it worked perfectly. Thanks so much. Thought I had a lemon.

I had to send my tab off yesterday to Samsung for diagnostics. I am very unhappy about this, and wonder if this is a widespread flaw.

I have called Samsung about this issue. I am on my second tablet and it keeps doing the same. I was told by a Samsung Rep that this is a known issue in some of the tablets but it didn't affect enough for a recall. I have pictures of my kids with my 82 year old grandma that I would like to keep. Or at least get a chance to back them up. I am going to send it back on 5/15 meanwhile I am trying every idea I find on here. I really like the tablet but I don't want to go through this again. I love all of the other Samsung products I have I just want them to get this one right!

I would have to agree I have two tablets and both have doen the same thing. It is crazy the amoutn of money you sepnd on these things and they just stop working one day for no reason. Mine has yet to turn back on, my sons came back on twice however it has since then stopped working. So upset with samsung at this point. I will not be buying anymore of their products.

Thanks for the information. Google needs to spend more time to improve the OS.

Thank you soo much. that worked.

Thanks so much! I was starting to panic. This works!!!

My Tab ran out of power. Charged it up but it cycled between the SAMSUNG screen and the animation thing endlessly. Messing with the buttons gets me to this screen forever:

Entering upload mode...
Upload_Cause: undefined

I'm finding fixes out there but the instructions are not thorough nor specific. I believe the stepst to downloading/flashing/adb..whatever file makes sense to some. I have no code abilities but I can cut and paste with the best of them.

Help please

I have the same issue and I've discovered that the storage has become corrupt. My tablet had development enabled, so I can see errors by firing up Eclipse, plugging in the tab and powering on. All the start-up log messages come through to the log cat window and there are lots of errors that imply the storage is (a) read-only and (b) corrupt.

So, I think I need to re-flash it as OS files on the flash storage are corrupted - I can't find a way to do a 'factory wipe'.

I can get the tab to boot into a recovery mode, now all I need is a retail ROM to reload. I've been using these instructions as a starting point:

The only reason I'm struggling right now is that, when running Windows in a VM on my Mac, OS X keeps grabbing the USB device and I'm not able to mount it on the VM.

You have resolved this issue, i have samsung tablet i am facing same issue.

Please help me

I had bought a charger from 3rd party vendor. I drained the battery but it would not charge. Borrowed a friends samsung charger it worked. Bought real samsung charger never had trouble charging since. Hope this helps you.

Wow! I just got this tablet two measily days ago and already had this issue! The worst part was that I had the entire thing setup and working great, then suddenly, after a night's sleep, just dead. No reason why and nothing would bring it back, not even the geek squad. However, I tried your trick and whalla! My tablet is back to life! Awesome! I just got this thing, so of course I'm going to exchange for another one, but I just wanted to say, your tip worked great. Thanks!

Thanks for this post. It worked for me. I was about to be very upset.

Thanks! I kept my new one in charging all night and it wouldn't boot this morning. However after searching, and yours was the first I found, it solved the problem.
Thanks again

I found my tablet dead yesterday morning after leaving on to charge overnight. This fixed actually worked! Co-incidentally (or not) I had just upgraded earlier that day with the Google Videos update. Could be related?

After the recent upgrade to 3.1 (F3) I experienced my first no-boot situation. Followed your guide, works great!!
So, to answer the question, no 3.1 update doesn't fix the problem.

Tried your method, mine did not turn on. I guess I need to send to Samsung?

It is possible that your tab is dead. Before giving up, though, make sure it is charged enough on the charger that came with it. If you haven't, yet, be sure to let it sit charging untouched for at least 60 minutes, especially if it is a situation where it never came back from a fully dead battery.


I had it plugged in overnight. :(

Same Problem, but this fixed it!!
Steve you have save a trip back to the store!
Think ill start backing my tab up every day now as this worried me cos i have important info and photos on it!
Thanks Steve

You saved me so much panic. Worked the first time!

you are a legend
Nearly ---- me pants when it wouldn't turn on
Thank you

Thank you so very much!! Just brought this Samsung Galaxy 10.1 a few weeks ago and about panicked when it was unresponsive, but your quick fix worked to perfection!! The Samsung was on it's way back to the store!!


Thank you! Worked like a champ!

Seems like it's a frequent issue. Thanks a lot for your help, it made my day since I borrowed it from work and I thought I wrecked the damn thing ;)

Has Samsung said anything about this yet?

My 3.1 was running with a lot of apps and I was stuck with hang at first, than the tab screen become unresponsive...than I try to press on and volume up same time....posh...the screen went blank and nothing will do it back life again...I am cursing Samsung d..than I try the method works...but my question is how to avoid this in future....why it hang....???and screen become unresponsive..n wat is the theory of this method anyway???!!!!!

Since it happened on my tab with 3.0, it isn't a 3.1 problem--it is a Samsung tablet problem.

The reason this works is that Samsung Tabs watch for the button-down-boot with resistance on the screen to force a total reset (not a storage or factory reset, but a total boot-from-scratch reset).

This technique works on some Samsung phones and some earlier tabs. It isn't an Android thing, it is a Samsung thing.


Wow! Thank you so much for that. I has just gotten my tablet back from Verizon and being fixed and then it won't turn on?! I was disappointed to say the least. Then I stumbled across your article.. and voila! Thanks again!

I was just about to start crying when i came across.this page. Thanks.for the info really did help. First time it.has happened after.non stop use.

I was on my way back to the distributer when I said to myself, "Let me just look online to see if others have had this problem". Sure enough, we are all having this problem. I think it sucks, considering how much we paid for this thing.

Thank you soooo much for posting the fix. It Worked!!!

I just bought mine a few days ago, and this happened to me. YOur fix worked. Thanks so much!

So I was playing Amazon mp3 and had just turned it off. My wife came upstairs about 30 minutes later to get it since we were going out, and the tablet was stuck on an infinite Samsung logo screen that would switch to the swooshing lines, back and forth and back and forth. It never would stop. I think maybe it was a failed update? So I held down the power button, but then I get the odin3 screen with the android looking like he's shoveling poop or a usb symbol. I select one of those, and it says connect to usb, so I do, but then nothing happens. I have tried this reboot process to now avail either. I must say, this may be Google's version of the blue screen of death! :) I guess I may need to send it back

Were you able to find a fix for this? Mine is doing the exact same thing.

wow! I was scared, as I came back to a completely dead tablet after charging it too!!! I doubted your tactics, but it worked like a charm!!! Thanks so much.

I had the same problem...was at 10% battery before bed and plugged it in overnight only to wake up with a dead tablet...i was grief stricken thinking a trip to Best Buy was in my future until i stumbled upon the above instructions. Worked perfectly. Much appreciated.

I woke up to this problem.... i tried your solution but still nothing! :( i have had it for 2 days only!

1. Charge on charger (not PC) 1 to 2 hours
2. Disconnect from USB
3. Press and hold power while touching screen with finger for 20 seconds
4. Release button and screen
5. Wait 10 to 15 seconds to see if the screen shows boot
6. Repeat a time it two, if it doesn't work

Mine has done this 3 times and always comes back.


Hi I wanted to know if your situation is similiar to mine, however i troubleshooted more electronically than that.
Please see below for my problem. I'm preparing to test out your solution. I'm waiting for my tablet to charge for 1 hour.

my tablet is the Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1
It does not turn on when holding power button in excess of 30 seconds with digitizer screen press.'t+turn+on

Sure, give it a try!

Thanks! A great, easy fix I'd never have come up with myself

Works like a charm. Thank you so much for posting this. I thought my tab had completed died on me. Woot woot!

thank you.. that was a great help!

It worked! I tried everything and thought it was gone... thank you!

You Sir. Are a god among men. Thank you for the fix.

My friend was tearing his hair out ( sorry he is nearly bald ) because his tablet had frozen ! We are in Cambodia. He tried everything including trying to use all my laptop chargers and usb leads etc. No action ! I said look up on Google. Up came your solution ! Wonderful it worked ! Isnt it good there are comments on the web from such people as yourself.
Thanks once again.

Thank you for sharing this fix - I have had my tablet for about a week and found it dead and unresponsive today and it's from work so I wasn't sure how they would take replacing it. It is currently charging normally thanks to your assistance.

you wonderful wonderful person - it really works thanks a lot - perhaps Samsung helpdesk should be aware of this - they had no ideas

Thanks a million! My kids played with it until it drained completely. I tried to charge but was not responding. It worked perfectly as per your instruction. You save my tab. Thanks again!

your instructions worked. it is functional again! I have not had good luck with tablets after my 1st gen iPad, so i am happy. Thanks for the instructions. I have a similar issue with my LG Tablet (HoneyComb) maybe i will try it on it too ...

Thank you so much. I freaked out when it happened, thought i got a paperweight. Googled and saw your suggestion. Worked like a charm.

Thanks. This worked. I bought a Galaxy tab and after a day it wouldn't boot up. Dead. I took it back to Futureshop and they exchanged it for a new one. It worked fine for about a month and then the same thing happened. Mighty PO'd. But your suggestion worked like a charm. Thanks.

I had the exact problem you described. After a couple of hours wasted trying to determine if the tablet was damaged I found your instructions and it was working in about 20 seconds.

Thanks for the help.

Thank you so much my tab came back to life just on the 15th second

You Rock! It worked like a charm. Thank you for your help.

Yep - happened to me.

Battery fully charged - yet I left it sitting over night and in the morning total black out - dead.

tried your trick and hey presto - I soon got the Galaxy boot up message.


I tried holding down the power key with a thumb on the screen and it powered on after 15 seconds, but how pathetic is this? It happens several times per week. Very disappointing.

Top tip, was bang dat ik weer moest gaan bellen met helpdesk.

Bij mij startte de tablet na 10 seconden weer met de tip.
Vinger op scherm en startknop indrukken.

Nogmaals DANK.

Try this,

How To Perform A Factory Data Reset

Warning: The procedure listed below will delete all user data. If you do not want to lose your data stop now and perform a data backup.

To perform a hard reset, follow these steps:

Power the Tab off.
Press and hold Volume Down and Power buttons.
When the Samsung Galaxy Tab logo appears, let go of the Power button and continue holding Volume Down button. (Two Android icons appear)
When the two Android icons appear release the Volume Down button, then press the Volume Down button to move the cursor to the left; and then press the Volume Up button to make your selection. (The Android system recovery menu appears)
Press the Volume Up or Down button to select "wipe data/factory reset", and then press the Power button to make your selection.

At this point you will have a short menu of options one option is to do a cache wipe, I would recommend that you try this step before going to the next option which is a complete data wipe and factory reset.

Press the Volume Up or Down button to select "Yes – delete all user data", and then press the Power button to make your selection.
When the reset is complete, press the volume Up or Down button to select "reboot system now", and then press the Power button to make your selection.

Thank you so much. Your method works.

I tried this method on a used tablet that we bought, and now i cant get past the system restore screen. i tried to call samsung----waste of time-----, they wanted me to send it in for repair, well from my stand point it is not economically feasable to repair at a shop. i dont understand why they were so uncooperative when i asked for a link to download the firmware so i could try to re-install it myself. very frustrating, i doubt i will ever buy another samsung tablet again. apple has its faults, but at least they do their best to resovle your problem, and they trust that their customers are smart enough to re-install the OS on their device. Samsung, you have been weighed, you have been measured----you have been found wanting.

Thanks soooooooooo much!!!! I thought I was gona have to buy a whole new one!! This oreally helped so much!!!:)

Omg! Thanks so much, I thought my husband would be pissed if I broke it, he just got it for me. Anyway I was downloading stuff and all of a sudden it froze and wouldnt come back on! I freaked but before I told him I came on here and what you said worked perfectly thanks again!!!

Thank you for sharing this quick fixed as it also happened to me and the battery is still 90% full. I was about to sync my Tablet to the PC and is says drivers not connected so I pull the USB out and try to open my Tablet and it won't boot. So, in short I plug the USB plug and try to do the troubleshoot the error, even try the recovery code and it did not recognized my code? Now my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is working again.

I guess that's why iPad is still the one Tablet out there. I find transferring files so annoying and I have a iPhone its so simple how you transfer videos, music etc....and fast as well.

Oh one more thing this also happened to my Blackberry Playbook this one I did not noticed I drained the battery and same thing it did not turn on even if I have charged the battery for 2 hours. This is different tablet so please refer to JSANDERS for the solution on Google.

It works!
Just follow the process......Press down the Power "ON" at the same time press the screen for a while. The result is amazing.
Thanks Guys for your helps!

This trick worked perfectly!! Thanks so much!

thank you very much for the information.. it worked for me...

thanks a saved our tablet..

My Tab 10.1 would not boot, but your instructions have me up and running. Thanks.

I did what you said with holiding the start button down and touching the screen at the same time, and it worked! Briliant!

I don't know how you figured this out, but thank you very much!!! It worked exactly as you said it would!!

Thanks for the info. I followed your instructions after it froze up and worked like a charm!

Thanks, it helped!!

i used all method but won't work it. plz any one say what can i do ????

try holding the power button, and the volume button for about 15 seconds....this worked for me also....hope this helps.


Thanks for the tip on how to get the tablet restarted. It hasn't worked for me, totally dead, what do I do now???

Thank you this helped me.

I had been away and came home to find the Tab had been on charge for several days and was unresponsive.

Tried your fic and it came backt to life

Am running Android 3.2

Thank you so much! Heart attack averted.

Worked!! Awesome!! Thank you so much! No where else I looked said to touch the screen! Worked like a charm! Thanks again! =)

@steve,thanks for the fix info. I didn't think it would work but I just kept holding the power button on till it came on. I even hoooked it up via usb to my pc and it did nothing. I know that if I have any other issues with my tab i'm coming back here.

The same thing just happened to me. The fix worked! The weird thing is when it booted up I had 36% battery. Not sure if it completely went dead and achieved 36% on the recharge or if it didn't go completely dead.I am android 3.2

Thank youuu...the secret really helped

Worked like a charm, thank you! I was getting desperate but now is seems my tab is working fine again.

I had the samr problem and was about to give up and return the tab. I had searched google and came up with your answer and work a treat. thank you

This was EXACTLY what happened to me. I was on a long long flight, and as you said "disaster struck" because my tablet was totally dead, I tried charging it on the plane, still nothing - totally dead..... Landed, I had it charging in the hotel for the past 3 hours, and still nothing. Was kind of desperate, just googled for a solution to a dead samsung 10.1 tablet, and your post was most helpful - key to it was touching the screen while holding the on button.

Who would have thought??????

thanks for giving me my tablet back for my stay, a long way from home!!

First off, it was working just fine. I powered it down, just to conserve battery. But it wouldn't boot back up. Its not even mine, I was just borrowing it from a friend. So I'm freaking out, thinking I broke something that wasn't even mine. I searched several websites, they were pretty unhelpful. Then I stumbled across yours. I tried it, and voila.. it worked! I was so relieved I was gonna cry. The battery sign came up and everything and it resumed charging.. it was plugged in though when I tried it, if that made it work. You totally saved me! Thank goodness for kind people who actually want to help other people out of the goodness of their heart.

hey thank you so much i solved my problem now, last night i didn't had a good sleep because im so worried about my tab. but now im so happy:) thnx

worked fine for me, thanks so much i was freaking out thatd id broken it lols.

Thank you - that worked for me. You are a life saver ;-)

You are awsome! Thx for the tips... I was freaking out because my tab wouldn't come back!
Its unbelievable how such a tiny little thing brought it back to life!!!

Thank youuuuu

thanks so much for your helpful advice. i had the same problem with my 10.1 not booting up and i followed your advice and it worked like a charm. thanks again.

My tablet went blank and I used the instructions and it worked for me.....boy am I glad!!!!!

Dude, thanks a works like a charm....

Man I just bought it and it did it too me ,luckily it worked for me,thanks for the it worth taking it back or just keep it,being tha other deviices did it too

It worked!!! Thanks you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

Your fix worked for me. Thanks for posting it!

Is apparently a known issue for samsung - as soon as I mentioned the update they told me it has to be sent to a technician. Trying this method before I resort to that though. Heres hoping. -P

Wow...I would have never thought of doing that. And it worked! Thanks so much!

Thank you very much for your tips. I had that lottle frustrating problem and now my 10.0 tablet works well

Thanks so much for the tips. I've had my tablet for about 6 months and the power problem about 4 times. It eventually turned on the other times but have no idea why. I used your tips above and they totally worked! Thank you so much!!!

Thanks to this information and our problem was solved! Just keep pressing the power button at the same time keep your finger on the screen, wait for few seconds and voila! Samsung tablet is working again!!! ****



I don't know what happened with my galaxy tab, but since 2 days it is almost dead.My galaxy tab try to reboot continuously but fails.Last night i fully charged my galaxy tab and started.It tried to reboot continuously but fails.This process continued for almost 7 hours until battery got finished.I don't know what i do because i have just purchased latest samsung galaxy tab.Please some one tell me the solution for this......


This worked for me. I am impressed!

Thank you so much for this information....I followed your instructions and it now works....the secret (for me anyway), was keeping a finger on the screen while holding the on button

Thank you! It worked for me while it was plugged in!

Tried several fixes that I found, none worked. About to take it apart but the video showed how hard that I decided to make one more search...found this, it worked. It had been charging for several hours and would not turn on. Touched the screen while pressing the power button and viola! Works fine now. I think it was downloading an update and that may have froze it up, not sure. It was in mid download when it revived though. Thanks so much!

same problem only we sent it to samsung, they sipped it for service in montreal and we cant get an answer as to when its going to be fixed, apparently theyre waiting on a part, oh did i mention its been 3 months. everytime we call samsung we get a song and dance story that theyre emailing top management for a replacement theyve been singing that song for a month now. unfortunately we got the tablet as a part of a cable upgrade from rogers, rogers response is that its not their product and cant help us. retarded

I tried as your way but My GT-6800 did not respond . What should I do ?

Thank you so much, your instructions worked great on my (one week old) Samsung galaxy note 10.1. Is there nothing Samsung could do about this? We are apparently many having the same problem...

Thanks very much. I thought my tab spoiled because of me . Now I can open already. Thanks

Thank you so much, what you said worked the very first time!!


I was so worried. Just by chance, thought I would google the problem and it worked Thank you:)

Thanx for sharing... excellent tips and my tab is back and Im seeing back the charging battery bar.

i want to thank you for this article

it was helpful for my problem , I tried this steps only :

Press and hold the on button. Keep it down while...

HERE'S THE SECRET: At the same time, keep a finger on the screen.

Damn good finding, this surely worked on my tab!!!!

Thank you so much :)

it worked could not believe it...thanks so much

WOW, you just saved my Tab's life! Thanks !

Absolutely fantastic Steve. Thank you so much. The same thing happened to me, and I've only had my tablet for 2 weeksw. I just couldn't turn it on. Did what you said about the wscreen and, voila, it works. I can't thank you enough for this information! saver...I was about to give up...thanks for ur useful direction


Thank you so very much for sharing your secret. I've had my tablet a year with on/off issues that even Best Buy didn't know what to do. I'd had so much frustration, and your "secret" worked. I appreciate it!

Just tried this fix on my mum's tablet after encountering the same problem. Worked a treat!

After having our galaxy 8.9 shut down, and not boot up at all. I tried this. Sadly, it did not fix our problem.

Thank you so much. Mine came right up. I knew I had at least 1/2 the battery left so I didn't even have to charge it first. :)

Bless you for this post! Same problem here.

got this today for xmas charged it for 6hrs then turned it on great set it up and downloaded playstore app havent installed it 10mins later go to pick it up and its dead tried holding power button but still nothing less than a day old and now having to wait til boxing day to return it

it helped made it work thanks

Thank so much. Worked like a charm. I'm right back up and running

yes this worked so happy to have found this site i was fixing to freak out thanks for the info

Thank u very very much 'the hold the button n the screen at the same time' too worked 4 me once again thanks a lot:-D:-D

Thank you very much for sound advice on this item!
You just saved my night, as I needed my tab for work-related reasons.

By the way: Does the same procedure work for the Galaxy SII smartphone?

Best regards -


Yes, it works for some Samsung phones, too.

Thank you very much for the tip. You have fixed my problem.

My problem was the tablet was shutting itself down if I left it on charge once it reached 100%. Half an hour was okay, but any more than that and it just shut down and refused to reboot. I would have to wait until the battery went flat 4 days later.

The fix of pressing the on button and touching the screen worked. Thank you very, very much.


I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and this happened. No matter how long you held on the power button, nothing. I wiggled my finger on the screen while holding the power button and it started right up. Thought I was out a tablet for sure.

Thanks for posting this fix. I knew my tablet was charged. I had powered it off after only a few minutes of operation. I was puzzled when it wouldn't power on. More puzzled when I plugged it into charger and I didn't see the battery symbol.

HI and thanks for your post. I know this thread is old but this issue effected my Note 10.1 too. I have had it since Christmas gone and it has worked fine until I put it on charge last night. I got up this morning and it was dead and was ready to take it back.

I found this page via Google (thankfully) and the solution works fine! I am wondering though, will the shop take it back for this problem if it happens again?

I didn't get mine from Google IO (got it from Argus in the UK) but thought I'd just let you know I had the problem and your fix worked fine. Thanks again!

I have had the same issue after only 1 week of owning the tablet.
I have the latest Tablet 10.1 note.
Followed the instructions and worked perfectly, saved me time sending the unit it.

I was in the same boat. I was using my tablet and it just shut off and wouldn't turn back on! I thought it was toast, so I googled a solution, found this one and we are back in business. Worked like a charm (took the full 15 seconds so I was getting nervous) and all of a sudden I see Samsung Galaxy come up and then I released the button and it finished powering up and works great. Thank you so much for your help :)

My Tablet froze in the middle of my son's game of Angry Birds. Couldn't get anything to work so I googled how to fix it and came across this. This worked for me! Thanx so much.

this worked for me on the first time. great advice


I had the same problem. The battery wasn't dead, so i just left it on the table, when i picked it up later, the screen was black. First, i panicked cause it's just new an i thought it already broke... I tried to holding the button down for more like 10 or 30 ssec, but nothing changed. I followed your advice and now it's working again. Thanks, it really helped ^^

I cannot thank you enough for this awesome advice. I was using the all share app to transfer photos from my samsung phone to my samsung tablet. My phone recognised the tablet, but the tablet did not recognise the phone. After ages trying to make this work I gave up and turned the all share app off, then my tablet DIED! I plugged it into the charger and could not get the charger icon to show and could not even even boot the tablet up. I was mortified, really really mortified. Then I saw your post and YES YES it worked. Thank you again xxx

I had my brand new one stuck on the inicial Samsung logo over and over again without any signs of starting. I did what you said and it worked! Thanks!

hi there, i'm really glad that i came across this post of yours! what happened to my tablet was, i was checking some updates on facebook then suddenly my tablet just got freeze and i got panic, i waited for some time but it just give no response no matter what i pressed (home button, back button etc). then i decided to forced it to shut down by holding down the power button and it did.

i waited a few secs, then i wanted to switch it on again, but failed. it just won't turn on no matter how many times i tried. and i was really frustrated about it for the whole evening but now it's all solved thanks to this post of yours.

however i have a question that i really wish to know the answer, that is, i don't understand what actually happened to my tablet and caused all these problems? that is it wouldn't turn on unless i plugged in charger and hold the power button WHILE HAVING MY FINGER ON THE TAB. why??

p.s.: i don't think it is due to low battery life because before it got frozen, it still has about 55% battery life.

I've tried contacting Samsung about this many times. I've provided links to my post and all of the comments from people that are having this problem. I've also tried twitter and facebook, but I don't get any response as to why it happens or whether they will try to fix it!

It hasn't happened since I updated my tab to 4.2, but I also haven't used it much, now that I got my Nexus 7, which NEVER freezes.

I have just purchased few hours ago a Note 10.1 (I am in Germany) . Charged it for about 3 hours. Turn it ON and saw the battery for few seconds and then it switched OFF . Tried the aforementioned method . It does not work.
I have a question:
For all the people that have posted so excited: was this method a definitive and final fix for the issue and the issue never returned ... or is this a recurring problem and people have to do this crazy sequence systematically?
Trying to look at this with some degree of logic:
The problem can only have two kind of root causes: 1) Hardware failure and/or 2) Software bug.

I find very strange that the method would "fix" either a hardware failure or a software bug. I think that at best, the method would just mask temporarily a problem. So out of pure logic, I would really expect to see someone at some point posting here "Oh no, I have the issue again". Yet, I could not see any such post.

So this whole case is extremely disgusting for someone who just exploded 420 Euros in the tablet, plus 45 Euros for a protective cover and still another 20 Euros for an USB adaptor; a total hole of 485 Euros in my wallet just few hours ago and at 3:24 AM I am still posting in the Internet for this problem and the damn tablet is dead down there on a table on my kitchen.

And it is outraging that Samsung does not say anything about it.

Thanks a lot for any comments or suggestions you might have.

Had this issue about 1h ago. Got my tablet just 10 days ago and was pretty upset when it happened, because battery was >50%. I found this web and did just two steps:
1. Press and hold the on/off button. Keep it down while.
2. At the same time, keep a finger on the screen.

It was more than 15 seconds, but still worked. Thanks, i hope this won't happen again.

*Sorry if i had some mistakes, not my native language.

Amazing advise. It worked. Usb plugged in. I dint feel like p.uking anymore

I got it right to swith the thing on but now it keeps on freezing at the samsung sign moment and the it keeps on switch it on self and switch it off plz help me

Me too fix does not work for me just keeps cycling.

I did a stupid thing with my galaxy 10.1 tablet. I left it outside on the patio and didn't realize the sun had moved. My tablet was in the hot Texas sun for over a half hour. when I picked it up it was working and said it had low battery. I immediately plugged it in and it also gave me a temp icon. After that I couldn't get it started; it would just show the battery charging icon. I found these directions. I tried and tried. I tried charging over night. Finally, tonight, I hooked it up the to computer. I could here the computer trying to recognize it. then the battery icon showed the charge all the way full. That was a first. So I tried the process of holding the button and the screen a few times and it started up. Next it gave me the notice that the battery was low (7 %). I put it back on the charger. I'll keep you posted if it starts tomorrow. I'm wondering if I fried the battery and if it needs to be replaced. I never had any trouble with my tablet before and I've had it for 10 months. I'm not sure how to get the battery replaced as there are no repair stores in my town that work on tablets.

Just wanted to say thank you, you advice got my galaxy back and running in less that 30 secs. Thank you!

same as mine.. i did the secret and it works on my tab 2 7.0.. thanks a lot! :)

may tablet has been working fine for the past 6 months but today it suddenly stopped working and showed Samsung logo .I tried your trick but it didn`t work. now instead of Samsung logo it shows a gray and white screen.plz help me I`m feraking out and I`m afraid I lose all the stuff I have on it


you know what??? YOU ARE A GENIOUS!!!!! It works? How you did know it???? It's so weird!
It happens also with 4.0.

Thank you so so so much! I was using my moms tablet when this happened, and literally had a panic attack. I tried to hold the button while pressing a finger to the screen, and IT WORKED! :')

This worked for me. Thank you. I was beside myself

THANK YOU! Im a travel blogger, currently in Colombia and I was freaking out that my tablet decided to stop working. This saved it, thank you thank you!

I have a Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 for the last week it has been freezing and not charging at all, Now it went flat after being plugged in and charging over night, and now it wont even turn on.. it is just stuck at the reboot screen the fix didn't work and have tried many others such as..
-the one above,
-holding down power button and volume up button and rebooting
Please help!!!
Anyother suggestions :)

I cannot believe this worked, thank you very much. I was just looking thru wallpaper on my tablet and all of a sudden it froze, then shut off with no sign of life. Weird I don't know what happened but glad this was the first link I clicked on because I had no problems turning on one I tried this. Oh and the battery was and is at 62%

i'm looking for a solution too I set the tablet Down its an 8.9, picked it up and it does not respond at all to the power button or anything I'm charging it now I hope the suggestions that were made will take care of it, I found this page looking for a fix, I got a kick out of the guy who said Google it. Cause obviously that's why we are here.

hooray thanks

IT WORKED! thanks for the tip.


My note 10.1 is charging fine but won't recognise or power anything connected via OTG adaptor. just bought a new OTG as thought the original might have broke. Has hubby deleted something he shouldn't have?

thanks! it worked for me! but, why does this happen ?

Hey dude, really a big thanks for you! it worked! already freaked me out..our presentation is inside the're awesome! :) thanks a lot!

that was rly helpful thQ so much (Y)

OMG it WORKED thank u if o didnt fix it my mom would never let me use it ever again if she found out and i couldnt fix it THANKS A LOT GUYS!!!!!!

Since an update my galaxy wont turn off..I had to let the battery die 2 times..I try sending messages to samsung company and they couldn help..that update change everything on my tablet..and is slower...if you can help me I appreciate pls :/

I just tried this fix. This was the first answer that I came to with my problem and it was up and running in a matter seconds. Thanks. It does it a lot to me even when the battery is not low. But thank God you had the answer for me.

OMG, thank you so much for posting this! My Samsung tablet froze up while I was playing a game and it just froze and I couldn't get it to do anything. I held down the power button and touched the screen then it rebooted.

Our tablet basically froze while playing a game and nothing was working. Holding a finger on the touch screen and holding the power button down at the same time worked perfectly! Thank you!!

Thanks to you i'm my girl's hero!

Really useful with de 4.0.3 Android she's got in her tablet.

Your suggestion worked GREAT. Although mine just rebooted right away. Thanks!

The same thing just happened to me today on the bus: the tablet wouldn't turn on. I used your method and it came back on after about 20 seconds. Clearly this is an issue that is on-going. Thanks for the remedy (at least for this issue).

Got it out of the reboot just waiting to see if it crashes again! Thanks! Best article for this issue that I have found.

I did not really expect that this would actually work but it did. Thank you so much. I'm so happy it saved me some money to have it fixed.

So weird...but yes, touching the screen and pressing power on worked...I was tapping the screen though...thanks again!!!!

Amazing! It works for me!! Thanks so muchhhh!!!

There is an 'encryption failure' that appeared on my screen. I didn't even encrypt my tab. And while I'm listening to music, my tab restarted by itself. But after that, I was able to use my tab again. Then the next day, My tab went off while my brother is playing 'Tetris'. It kept on repeating the 'Samsung logo'. This just happened yesterday. I kept on pressing the power button but the Samsung logo just kept on repeating again and again. I tried that "hold power button and tap screen technique" but it didn't work. I tried to press the power button and the volume up button at the same time. And then, I choose 'reboot system now' accidentally but it didn't work also. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? I don't want to reset my device because I have so many important files in my tab. Please help me! I don't know what to do.

same problem with 10.1 note 2014. This solution worked great, thank you!

very usefull, clear and simple.
bravo !

I had the same issue and this worked for me :) So glad I don't have a hardware problem.

I followed the above noted instructions and battery icon finally appeared, followed by the Samsung logo and after a few minutes, the tablet rebooted back to the original settings. Thank you.
Without knowing to hold one's finger on the screen, I would have never resolved this problem.

The finger-on-the-screen trick totally worked for me (with charger plugged in). This was after replacing the charging cable had not fixed the problem. My next step would have been to buy a new battery. Glad I found your post first! Many thanks!!

Blow at the end of the Samsung Tablet connector and the opening of the actual tablet and make sure connector pin is jammed in correctly and straight until lock...worked for me..Also wiggle any other area that is linked like box to USB or other end as I said...GOOD LUCK!!!

*samsung little things, that KILL....=(

I was having the same issue. One second the screen was okay then the next it was off and not responding. I thought maybe plugging in the charger would help turn it on. It didn't. Then I found this and now it's on! Thank you very much. This was very helpful and I'll remember it next time. Yes there will be a next time because this wasn't the first time it happened. It was, however, the longest it hasn't responded.
Again, thank you very much. Absolutely helpful.

I just want to thank you so much for your post. I was in almost the same situation as you. I was at home reading a pdf file and went to get something to drink when i picked up my note it was on but unresponsive. I totally freak out because this note is a gift from my wife!!!! i tried to master reset the note but after the boot it was just cycling.. Went online trying to ge a solution to my note and stumble upon your post..... follow your steps and sure enough, note working good again.... Thank you very much again and God bless you.


Um, youre a livesaver! Every once in a long time I have this issue and it usually will fix was not the case. I thought it finally died-and i have SO much on there that I would be so upset to lose. Did what you said-BOOM! LIFE!!!!! lol, Im not currently backing up EVERYTHING to my computer so if it does decided to die on me, I have all my things. Thanks so much!!!!

Thanks for your handy tip, thankfully it worked for mine.

Hello, I just want to thank you for the information on how to get my note back to working. It worked perfectly, I was on the verge of a breakdown until I found this article, you save me a trip to a computer repair store and the money they would have charged me. Again thank you!

I held down the on off power button and held my finger down on the screen for about 15 seconds as noted and it works. Screen went dark and it automatically restarted. Awesome

You are amazing and the internet is a wonderful thing. Thanks, this solved the problem.. :)

Steve -
THANK YOU !!!!!!
I followed your instructions for fixing/re-starting my 'dead' Samsung tablet and it worked a dream..You are my hero !!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much.

Worked for me.. not first time, but you have to persist. Some people say they tapped, others say just leave a finger on the screen. I tried both, but neither worked, then all of a sudden...boom! Life in the old girl for the first time in over a month.I had given it up for dead.
BTW Original 10.1 tab, not tab2.

This trick worked for me. Thanks!

I have had this happen to me a couple of times since I have had the tablet...pretty frustrating.

Thanks so much for your fix!

Thank you! It worked for me.

I tried the suggestion. But I pressed the back cover all over without knowing where the battery is. Then I kept the on button down, with my thumb on the screen for about 20 seconds. The screen lighted up showing " Saumsung 10.1" Then I put on the charger and plugged it on to a wall plug. It started charging. It seems to be working... at least it is being charged.

Thank you, your help was great.


I was a google I/O attendee. Unfortunately, this didn't work for me.

My Galaxy Tab 10.1 seems to constantly reboot.

Totally worked. No joke about the finger. Tried it with and without. Thought i was going to have to pay the insurance.

Whilst looking at regular things on my tablet the screen turned off and is now frozen on the start up screen (Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1)- Tried turning on and off, when I hold down the off button the screen goes off but then comes back on with the same screen showing,I have tried rebooting using suggestions but all that happens is that the same screen appears and I cant turn the thing off now. The battery is charged. Any suggestions please ....

This worked for my Galaxy Tab2 10.1. Thanks for the info!

I have a samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1" and the same freeze happened where the samsung logo just stays on the screen but the device never actually boots.

If the above instructions did not work, I have another trick you can try, but don't try this if your tablet has important data on it and it is not at least backed up to some sort of cloud account. And before you start doing this procedure, make sure the tablet has charged a while for you must unplug it before starting with the first step.

while the tablet is off, hold the power and volume down button simultaneously for a few seconds (this is called the "2 button reset" and is applicable to most android devices and some microsoft devices as it worked on my microsoft surface pro as well)

The tablet will then open a manual setup mode. Here you must select the "wipe all user data" (or "reset to factory defaults" on some devices).

The tablet will then restore it's factory settings meaning all your data will be wiped (photos, videos, music, settings etc etc)

At the bottom of the screen it will show the progress of the wipe. Wait until the wipe is completed and then select "reboot the device".

Your device will then work perfectly


I have experience similar problem. I bought my Samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition for only 5days, I charged it to the fullest (100%) as instructed but I was not using it much because have not downloaded much on it and the battery level was still high for 4days without charging it. On the 5th day after I have downloaded and installed all the needed things the note became hot sadly and extremely battery low. As I have gotten home I tried switching it on but was not responding and I assumed it was battery off, so I started charging it but it was not responding the icon was not appearing also I left it on the charger for awhile longer about hour or more, just to see if the battery charging indicator icon will show up, but nothing. I then started searching for solution at Google and I then came across this suggestion which I quickly tried and it worked for me. Thanks.

I love you <3 it worked :D

It worked like a charm, I usually manage only with pressing both buttons and hold for 15 sec or so. But today it won't work. The one that worked perfectly is press and hold the power button while touching the screen, that was amazing.
Thanks a million

Thanks it worked!

It has not worked for me. I charged the table for two hours follow the instructions but it is still totally dead

Worked like a charm, very thankful i found your post

Omg thank you so much. I was able to take it apart and all. I appreciate that you took the time to post this here. You rock! Thank you thank you thank you.

My name is Jorge R. :)

You sir are amazing. Thank you very much. Holding the power button down while touching the screen with the USB cable unplugged worked like a charm. Thank you!!!

oh my gosh! whoever you are, thank you thank you sooooooo much! didn't know that I should hold the screen while pressing the on button. I felt so desperate cuz this is the third time it happened. :3

Thank you so much, your description was helpful for me and I could turn on my tablet. thanks again

THANK YOU! I never would have thought to put my finger on the screen while holding the power on/off button down. My Galaxy Tab frequently locks up and I can reboot it by holding down the power on/off button. This time it locked up when I wanted to restart it and the "restart" window was frozen on the screen. Tried to reboot holding down the power on/off button but nothing happened. When I did it AND held my finger on the screen, it worked.

I had the same problem, just that my tab can turn on, but it is stuck in an application page. I tried charging it and it buzzed a bit, but it still turned on to the application page. It have been stuck for more than a week and I've tried charging it, but still doesn't work...
Any similar problems???
Please Help!!!

Holding down the power button and touching screen at same time worked for me

HIO PLEASE HELP I have a Samsung galaxy note 10.1 model ( GT-N8000)



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