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Ricoh MP C3000 Won't Send Scans Via Gmail or Google Apps

By steve - Posted on 16 February 2011

I just lost 3 hours of my life I'll never get back because after upgrading a client to Google Apps, I couldn't get their Ricoh MP C3000 to send scans via email!


I've used gmail and Ricoh printers for, like, forever, and haven't had a problem with either, but neither one wanted to place nice when I tried to point the Ricoh at gmail.

I scanned forums, manuals, and tried all of the settings that work fine on the other setups I've had. I checked AT&T, Google, and Ricoh sites for info, but no joy.

It turned out to be pretty simple, and then not...

According to this article, and contradicting what I found everywhere else, it is possible to get them to play nice!

Just turn off encryption, set the port to 25, and point it to the right server:

Updated 02/17/2011

The directions work fine with port 25 when sending to gmail and google apps accounts, but didn't work for sending directly to everyone else. The solution was to set up an smtp relaying to gmail using a Windows 2008 server. I used the directions here describing how to set up the SMTP service on Windows Server 2008 and the directions here which showed how to configure things with Windows Server 2003 to work with gmail.

By combining the two, I was able to get the Windows Server 2008 box to forward to gmail and authenticate with an account.

Two more tips...

First, make sure your account on gmail has already received some mail and you've checked it. This takes care of some issues you can have for an account that hasn't fully activated. This didn't happen with this client, but you should know that your authentication account is working before trying any of this.

Second, when you are setting up your 2008 smtp service, enable logging on the service's GENERAL tab. This will help a lot when you are trying to figure out where the bottleneck is. By default, the logs show up in C:\Windows\System32\LogFiles, but you can see where yours are going on the Properties... button where you enable logging.

Sending mail from a printer or scanner

Here's the entire content of the original article, just in case the link goes away in the future.

If your printer or scanner can be configured to send SMTP messages, you can configure it to send mail using the Google Apps mail servers.

For details about configuring your device to send SMTP messages, refer to the documentation for the device. Google Support cannot assist with the device configuration settings.
You can connect to the Google Apps mail servers using SMTP or SSL. If you connect using SMTP, you can send mail to any Gmail or Google Apps users; if you connect using SSL, you can send mail to anyone.

If your device supports SSL, connect to on port 465 or 587.

To connect with SSL, you need to provide a Google username and password for authentication. Ensure that the username you use has cleared the CAPTCHA word verification test that appears when the user first logs in. We also recommend ensuring that the account has a secure password.

If your device does not support SSL, connect to on port 25.

To ensure that recipients do not reject mail sent from your device, we recommend adding the IP address of the device to the SPF record for your domain. For example. if your sending device sends from, add that address to your SPF record without removing the Google Apps mail servers from the record:

v=spf1 ip4: ~all

Update 04/28/2016

Here are the basic steps from the other article, just in case it disappears like the other did.

  • Install the mail server role (SMTP)
  • Configure the IIS Server to forward messages using that account: IIS SMTP Virtual server -> Properties -> Access Tab
  • Relay Button
  • You can specify only the servers that you want to be able to send email here by selecting Only the list below and adding your servers IP addresses.
  • Delivery Tab
  • Outbound Security Button
  • Select Basic Authentication and specify your Gmail account and password. Check the TLS encryption.
  • Outbound connections button
  • Set TCP port to 587.
  • Advanced Button
  • specify the smart host as

Steve - top effort - you saved me from wasting more time than I ever wanted to, works like a charm on a C4500,

Well done! and thank you.

Thanks! This has saved me a headache ... Ran into the same issues on a Ricoh 4500

Hi i'm not quite a tech guy, but i've help set my office C4500 to what you (Steve) have found out, after we switched to Google Apps.

It worked fine, but we have had problems that it stops working completely, with connection errors, while the setting has always been the same as when it worked. You guys have such issue?

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