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Reviews: VLC Media Player

By steve - Posted on 26 August 2009

I really like the VLC open source media player. It is a great little (17mb) player that handles just about everything with a clean and tidy interface. It runs great using default settings, yet provides either a simple or complex view into all of the possible options you might want in a media player.

While I still use Windows Media Player for my music collection database, I use VLC for everything else.

Some of the uses I've had for VLC include...

  • DVD Player: the ability to have fine control over positioning so that I can pick out certain parts of a video during a presentation creamed the free included app that came with my Dell called PowerDVD. Where PowerDVD is clunky and slow, VLC was simple and fast.
  • Videos: I can watch just about any video format out including FLV and AVI's with esoteric codecs. It just works!
  • Audio: Same thing with audio--it plays everything I've thrown at it.
  • Disks: DVD, Audio CD, SVCD/VCD.
  • Streaming: you name it.
  • Capture: video and/or audio.
  • Details: you can find out just about everything the media you are working with because of the details under Tools/Media Information.
  • Supports most popular O/Ses (Beos!??!)
  • Tons of other features.

There are a few times that I've been able to get the program to crash, but it is usually only when I'm pushing the limits or just bail instead of waiting out whatever it is up to.

If you just need a better DVD player or you want to be able to capture and keep those great videos, VLC works great. At the current rate of 7 downloads a second, it certainly is popular!

the vlc is still the best media player out there..


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