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"Reality Check" by Guy Kawasaki

By steve - Posted on 03 March 2009

I finished Guy's book "Reality Check" (RC) a little while ago and must say I really enjoyed it. I'm in the middle of starting about 5 major projects and found RC to be a great resource as I work my way through these diverse "starts".

The book is written in easily digestible chunks (the book was admittedly derived from his previous book "The Art of the Start" (TAOTS) and his blog) and the chapters are well organized in related sections.

While there is some repetition and cross reference between Guy's other projects, I found RC to be better organized and a much easier read then TAOTS. It is also more current and, I felt, a little better informed.

I found RC isn't limited to starting tech businesses and looking for VC funding, though there is a lot of that inside, but it really does apply much more broadly to starting just about anything from a company, an open-source project, a church, a non-profit, or just about anything else involving ideas and people.

Guy's track record and previous work gives him credibility when talking about starts and it comes through in his writing. He has a personal writing style (sharing a lot of personal details and stories) that made the book, well, personable.

I highly recommend it.


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