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Quickbooks Enterprise 10 Hangs or Stalls After Login

By steve - Posted on 30 December 2011

A user at a client was having a problem when logging into Quickbooks Enterprise 10 on a Windows Terminal Server.

I'm pretty sure what I did fixed it, so here's what I did...

Symptoms: User can log in to terminal server and into the company in quickbooks, but after the toolbar displays, the window hangs and Quickbooks stops responding.

• I can log in to terminal server OK
• I can log into Quickbooks as a different user OK
• 7 users are accessing Quickbooks and there is a 20-user license
• When I'm logged in as me on terminal server, I can log in to Quickbooks OK as the user with the problem
• It appears to be a problem within the user’s profile, not a problem with terminal server or quickbooks per se
• I did a little research and found some people have problems with QB when they are already having a problem with IE

• Log in as user on the terminal server
• Start IE
• The “never been used” prompts showed up (I wonder if IE was recently updated on the TS?) so I responded to the prompts
• Clear out the cache on IE
• Exit out of IE and restart it (confirmed there were no prompts)
• Start QB and log in and it worked!

I think there is a good chance that IE was not responding to QB when it started up (QB depends on IE for displaying certain pages and interacting with the world) and so QB just waited for it and it never shows up.

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