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Problem with Ubercart Conditional Actions CA Getting "No E-Mail Sent" Error Message

By steve - Posted on 19 November 2010

I have a customer using for their shopping cart system. One of the neat functions that ubercart has is "conditional actions," which gives you extensive capabilities to automatically do certain things when an order is processed (and at various stages along the way).

Well, I added a CA to tell a customer service person whenever an order was processed with a customer comment. That way, with a certain person in charge, special compliments or requests would be handled by a person.

Anyway, I went through the setup process and tested it out and everything was working.

Later, I noticed that I started getting CA and EMAIL errors in the log for the site. Worse, users would see:

"Unable to send e-mail. Please contact the site administrator if the problem persists."

It took FOREVER to track it down, but what was happening was when ubercart scans for the email addresses to send to, it treats everything with a new line (\n) as an email address, even if the there isn't anything there. So, the last "enter" on the last email address caused there to appear to be a blank line and the blank line was not a valid email address, so the website user would get a disconcerting error about the email not being able to be sent, the log would fill up with errors, but emails were still getting through (except for the one with the blank email address.)

So, until ubercart starts stripping blank email addresses from the list for you (or removes the extra \n at the end), make sure you don't have any extra "lines" in your email address lists in CA.


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