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Outlook Auto Complete

By steve - Posted on 16 June 2009

The Outlook auto-complete feature is kind of nice, but it can be unpredictable and strange when it starts to recommend certain addresses.

Here are a few tips to help get things under control...

Force A Name Check

If you want a lookup based on your contacts list, then use CTRL+K to check names. You can also click Tools/Check Names to do the same thing. This will force a check against your address book/contacts.

Delete a Bad Address

You can delete a bad address by using the arrow keys to select the bad address from the list, then press the Delete button on the keyboard. It will delete the selected address immediately without asking if you are sure, so be sure before you do it.

Clear the Cache (Advanced Users)

The nickname cache is stored in a file with an extension of NK2. You can search for all files with that extension (use the wildcard *.NK2) as long as you select the option checkbox to "search hidden files and folders" when you do the search. Once you find the right file for the particular user, rename the file something else and a new (empty) cache will be created the next time that user starts Outlook.

Here's a Microsoft kb article on it with all of the details and step-by-step directions.


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