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Network Zimbra 6 Backups Stop Running

By steve - Posted on 12 February 2013

I had a situation where I had to recover a failing Zimbra email server running Network version 6.x. The hardware was failing, so I recovered the system to a new virtual server. There were a lot of things to deal with in moving to a new system, but I had everything back and running in about 12 hours (there was almost a terabyte of messages to move to the new system).

Everything looked good, but when I went back to do a reality check on the system a week later, I found out that the automatic backups weren't running.

It took a little research, but I figured out how to get backups to run again...

The problem for me was that I had recovered all of the files in the /opt/zimbra folder and rebuilt the server. That worked for getting back the server files, but it turns out that it doesn't get back all the files that are needed.

The backup schedule is actually run by the zimbra user's crontab! That file is saved in the user's home directory (usually something like /home/zimbra). You can copy that file over, if you know about it, but it is easy enough to reset things back, if you don't.

Here's how (starting off logged in as root):

root@mail:~# su - zimbra
zimbra@mail:~$ zmschedulebackup -D
no crontab for zimbra
Rebuilding backup cron

Default schedule set

Current Schedule:

        f 0 1 * * 6 -a all --mail-report
        i 0 1 * * 0-5 --mail-report
        d 1m 0 0 * * * --mail-report
zimbra@mail:~$ exit

Now you'll have the default schedule. If you want to change the schedule, you can do that with the same command. Do:
zmschedulebackup --help
to see more options for scheduling your backup.

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