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Microsoft's "Foot Shooting" Windows 7 Non-Upgrade Path

By steve - Posted on 27 July 2009

Well, looks like Microsoft is shooting itself in the foot again, this time with the Windows 7 non-upgrade path for Windows XP.

The only way this could be beneficial to users of XP is if MS has decided to extend support, based on the ongoing success of netbooks running XP Home or the success of the "dual license" approach of companies like Dell that are making an extra $100, forcing users to buy XP Pro if they want to avoid Vista.

While Microsoft has traditionally only provided an upgrade path from the most recent version of Windows, ignoring the huge install base of XP (especially if you add in the Vista installs that have been replaced with XP), is crazy.

When you add in problems with driver support, the need for a complete re-install, and the promise that "your existing programs may not work", users might as well starting looking a Apples and Ubuntu!

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