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Laptop Domain Member Oddity

By steve - Posted on 02 May 2007

This was the first time I ran into this, but found it odd... If you have a laptop that you want to have join a domain, you can do so while using a wireless connection (My Computer/Computer Name/Change...) and supplying domain admin credentials, just like you would expect. You'll get a message indicating you've joined the domain.

However, once you log off and try to log back on with your domain credentials, the log on attempt will fail with the system telling you that your domain isn't available.

The reason is pretty simple. You are attempting to use the wireless connection to connect and the wireless connection isn't enabled until the user is logged back in. Sort of a cart-before-the-horse problem.

The way around it is to log in the first time while attached via the wired network. Once you do that and you've been authenticated the first time and the user is set up in the system, the authentication processes is cached and you should be able to log on without a problem.


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