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kb2596927 Prevents Office 2007 Excel VBA macros from running

By steve - Posted on 10 December 2014

I have a client that is dependent on Excel 2007 and a bunch of macros written in vba to run their business. Some of the users let me know today that, all of a sudden, the macros that run when the worksheet file is opened are throwing a debug error.

The error is "object doesn't support this property or method" which is a runtime error of 438.

When I tried checking some things in the interactive window after clicking on the debug option, I couldn't get any object values to be available in VBA. For instance, checking the value of a button's visibility gave me the same error the user was getting. It was acting like none of the objects in the worksheet even existed!

After a little trial and error, I figured out that the users having the problem had applied the "Tuesday Night Security Patch" from Microsoft and started trying to narrow things down.

I pulled the Excel specific stuff first (just one file, really) and that didn't do it.

So, I kept digging...

It wasn't until I figured out that everything still worked on the terminal server which WASN'T patched, yet, that I realized that it really was a patch issue and not a file or user issue.

I created a list of patches that were done on the user's computer and a list of patches that were on the server. I knew that if they were on the server, they were OK.

By comparing the lists, I figured out, in this situation, that these Office 2007-related KB patches were on the user's computer, but not on the server:

So, I started removing each patch and then testing the file to see if it opened correctly.

Just 2 files in and I found out that KB2596927 was the culprit!

For each user with problem, I then just:
* Uninstalled the patch
* Opened up Windows Update
* Check for updates
* Found the same patch
* Unchecked it from installing
* Marked it hidden (right click on it, pick hide option)

And that's it!

There may be other nasties lurking in this recent update, but at least I figured out this one!

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