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Internet Explorer Links & Shortcuts Hang or Display a White Window

By steve - Posted on 02 October 2009

I had a user that had problems with IE7 such that it wouldn't open when he tried to open a link saved to his desktop or the one on the "Quick Launch" shortcut.

The window would open, the "I'm doing something" indicator would spin, but only a white page would be displayed.

What I did was...

I fixed the way that windows processes URL links. His settings used "iframe references" and that seems to cause a problem.

Here's what I did, running as administrator:

Open Windows Explorer.

Go to Tools | Folder Options | File Types.

Scroll down to URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol (NOT URL:Internet Shortcut) and select it.

Click Edit or Advanced, depending on your Windows version.

Select 'open'.

Click Edit.

"Application used to perform this action" should read:


(Check the path to iexplore.exe to make sure that is correct and use the double quotes.)

DDE should be checked and in the boxes below it you should have:



3 (blank)


URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol with Privacy should be the same. Sometimes it is necessary to uncheck "Use DDE".

If that doesn't fix it, go to Start/Run and type:
regsvr32 urlmon.dll


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