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Installing Crystal Reports 9 on Windows 7

By steve - Posted on 16 November 2010

As part of my ongoing attempts to rebuild my XP development environment on Windows 7, without having to resort to using the XP compatibility virtual machine, I had to install an old download of Crystal Reports 9. CR9 is the basis for several older development environments I still support, so getting it to work natively is pretty important.

By running without DEP active, as described here, I think I avoided several problems, but I did run into two odd situations during the install of CR9...

First, the CR9 I have is an upgrade from CR8.5. For CR stuff, it was common to require a CD or previous install to be present for an upgrade to work.

I had the 8.5 CD saved as an ISO file, so I mounted it using "Virtual CloneDrive" and pointed the installer to it, but it didn't work. It kept saying that no usable install was found (it was supposed to find the setup.exe according to the window that was up, but it didn't matter which directory I picked, no joy.)

So, I dug around my boxes of CDs and storage cases and found my 8.5 CD. I stuck it in the drive and still no joy. It would see and read the CD just fine, but it wouldn't accept it.

Finally, I got around this by sharing my old computer's \program files\crystal decisions\ folder and pointed the installer to the existing CR9 installation and the installer accepted it!

Everything went along fine until after the forced reboot by the installer. At that point, it tried to go back to the network drive, but couldn't see it.

I got around that error by doing ctrl-alt-del, starting the task manager, opening a cmd window (File/New Task (Run...), then cmd), then mapping the drive with a net use command:

net use z: \\myoldcomputer\c /user:me

Once I mapped the drive, I hit retry and the installer took off again. The post-reboot install continued and I was all set.


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