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HP 3005 PCL 5 Driver Won't Save Custom Form

By steve - Posted on 17 July 2007

I had a problem with an HP 3005 that wouldn't save a custom form for a user. They clicked the "Printing Preferences..." button, clicked Paper/Quality, clicked the Custom... button, changed the name and size of the form, then clicked the Save button and the OK button.

No error or warning message popped up (not even the one that would normally come up and says, "to see your custom form you must exit Printing Preferences and return" or whatever). If you exit out and return, nothing has been saved.

The reason, it turns out, that this doesn't work is that the user was running with just User Rights (I'm a big advocate for running with reduced user rights and support few systems that aren't setup that way). The simple fix is to log off, log on as administrator, create the custom form as administrator, then log back on as the user. When I did, the user could see the form and use it. It didn't matter if you gave the user full security rights for the printer.

The problems I ran into were due to a few issues I have with the way HP and Microsoft XP are setup. First, they assume everyone is running with administrator rights--the dumbest, least secure way to run XP. Second, HP didn't bother to give up a "oops, I tried, but couldn't save your custom form" message. There was no message at all--just, OK, everything is fine, but nothing really happened. This is quite common with "rights unaware" software that assumes everyone is admin. Worse than that, you can also get a message that says something completely misleading like "your hard drive is full and your file could not be saved" when the drive has tons of free GB.

Since the form information is stored deep in the registry (HKLM/System/CurrentControlSet/Control/Print/Forms) in an area I didn't want the user to have full control of AND I didn't have time to trace out all the areas the user need rights to, I just fixed it as administrator. There might have also been a setting in GPEDIT.MSC I could have set that allowed form control, but I just didn't have time to chase it down.

This should just be so much easier than it is.


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