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Getting Older Code to Run on Windows 7 (Problems with Crystal Reports)

By steve - Posted on 14 February 2011

I'm still working to get everything 100% working under Win7 for my old VB6 developer environment. The latest issue popped up after a couple of weeks with everything appearing to be OK.

All of a sudden, VB6's IDE starts complaining "Error accessing the system registry". I had just used VB6 the week before without a problem and without any changes, so what gives?

There were a lot of attempts to help people with this error, but most were over complicated and referred to problems with Crystal Reports 8, which I don't use.

I do, however, use CR9.

After a little research I figured it out...

The problem was with Crystal Reports 9. After I had successfully set up VB6 and it was working, I installed my CR9 environment. The particular vbp that I was working with now, as opposed to last week, referenced CR9.

There was one registry setting added by CR9 that had permissions only for SYSTEM and ADMINISTRATORS to access. Users had READ access, but needed FULL CONTROL, according to the VB6 IDE.

So, after testing to make sure Administrator could actually start the IDE without an error, I opened up COMPUTER\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.rpt and allowed USERS "FULL CONTROL" of that registry setting.

Everything came up fine, after that.

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