You are hereThe free VMware esxi 6.0 update2 has the vSphere Web Client interface bundled in!

The free VMware esxi 6.0 update2 has the vSphere Web Client interface bundled in!

By steve - Posted on 20 April 2016

I like virtualization and I really like VMware. Especially the esxi 6 free server! For installations of a particular size, it is really nice to have all the stuff you need in VMware Essentials or the bigger packages, but for small installations, remote offices, and non-profit customers that really need virtualization, a lot of what they want to do can be done with the FREE version of vSphere.

I've been using vSphere since 4.x, but I hadn't been messing with the newer versions. With a recent project, I've been messing with 6.0. However, I was pretty irritated with the new rules about VM versions and stuff and not having things work in the C++ vSphere client. Everything keeps saying I needed to use the vSphere Web Client, but the information I was seeing kept saying that was only available in the paid packages and or through manually installing the VIB to support it.

For instance, when creating a new VM, I'd get yellow caution icons and "If you use this client to create a VM with this version, the VM will not have the new features and controllers in this hardware version. If you want this VM to have the full hardware features of this version, use the vSphere Web Client to create it."

Or "You have restricted editing capabilities on a virtual machine of version 9 or higher using this client. Some devices may not appear in the devices list, and the settings of some devices may appear as 'Restricted'. If you want to edit the advanced hardware features of this virtual machine, please use the vSphere Web Client."

I fumbled around looking at all the articles, ISOs and such, but I just didn't want to try to install a VIB or mess about with this. Why, VMware, why?

No need to ask this troubling question any more! With vSphere 6 update2, you get everything in the base package...

You just need to know where to look and be sure and ignore all the "helpful" articles from 5.1 on talking about not being able to do the web client.

Just point your browser to your vSphere server and add /ui to the end of the URL: https://yourIPaddress/ui

For what it is worth, you can also just open https://yourIPaddress and click the option to "Open the VMware Host Client". Goes the same place.

P.S. You'll probably want to install the Remote Console or the browser plug-in to get your mouse to work in the VM's Console. I had to with Windows 2012 R2. You can get vmrc by starting the Web Client, click on your VM's Action link, then click Console/Download VMRC and installing the Windows or Mac version of the software.

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