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Recent major projects:

Software Development:
  • Production, inventory, and lot management system.
  • Inventory tracking and serial number/bar code ticketing system.
  • Multi-user stock portfolio management system integrating realtime live datafeed.
  • Client/server custom CRM contact database integrating outlook. End product runs as standalone, synchronized remotes, LAN-based, and WAN-based. Used VB, Postgresql, and Crystal Reports.
  • Created a run-time report environment to support distribution of reporting systems.
  • Developed a reusable "updater" module for automatic software package update and deployment. Fully integrated with development environment for "one-touch" compile, installer build, update build, deployment of package, and posting on the update website. Allows users to check for program updates over the internet and install changed modules. Components provide for program changes and database schema changes.
  • Integrate UPS shipper software and Solomon IV accounting/inventory software with a VB application that generates custom shipping charges (based on client driven rules) and updates Solomon's data. UPS tracker information is tagged back on Solomon's documents.
  • Multiple installations of Ubuntu 6.06 optimized for SAMBA file services, web services, database services, network services, and authentication.
  • Multiple installations of Barracuda firewalls to eliminate spam.
  • Built and configured custom phone systems using Linux, Asterisk and Polycom phones.
  • Moved a client from a Citrix-based service provider to a self-managed network of 40 users. Achieved full ROI after 6 months. Required 2 new servers, migration of data from multiple locations and sources, build out of all network services (email, remote access, VPN, web) and setup with a new ISP.
  • Migrated a client from a small peer-to-peer workstation network to Small Business Server 2003 active directory increasing the number of workstations supported and setting up regular offsite backups.
  • Migrated a client from a foxpro record keeping package running on their server to a hosted/application service provider internet-based application.
  • Replaced and upgraded multiple servers, workstations, rack systems, and network infrastructure. Replaced faulty WAN with reliable internet-based connectivity for remote office locations. Support nightmare eliminated. Virus threat eliminated. Downtime went from 12 hours per week to 2 hours per year.
  • Replace and upgraded multiple servers,laptops, workstations, rack systems, and repaired the network infrastructure. Replaced faulty WAN with reliable internet-based T1 connectivity and broadband for remote locations. Support nightmare eliminated. Virus threat eliminated. Downtime went from 6 hours per week to 2 hours per year. Eliminated spam using Barracuda firewall.
  • Designed, developed, and tested a wireless ISP network.
  • Provide ongoing support for various clients on call and as needed.
  • Clients include retail, non-profit, manufacturing, financial services, distribution, and government.

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