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Download Problems with Adobe Reader 8.0

By steve - Posted on 28 February 2007

Ever had problems with downloading the adobe reader 8.0 installer using the adobe downloader? I hate adobe's downloader as it has given me endless grief. I kept getting errors like "You're resuming a download, but the file on the server has changed. Would you like to restart the download process?" No matter whether I clicked [Quit] or [Restart Download], it would crap out anyway. Then I'd get an error "The downloaded file is corrupt. Please try again later."

The workaround I came up with, by looking in the file \documents and settings\%username%\Application Data\AdobeDLM.log, was to directly download the application from here:

I do a normal download with my browser and end up with a nice fat 20mb file that I can actually install.


this download/corruption loop has been driving me nuts all afternoon -- thx for posting your workaround and direct download link... my problem is now solved. :)

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