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Dell Won't Boot

By steve - Posted on 27 April 2010

Strange Dell-ness!

I had worked on a client's Dell Vostro tower computer and everything was fine when I dropped it off. Later, when he tried to hook it back up and getting running, all it would do is power up, turn the fan on and off, power down, and repeat.

The thing that cleared everything was to unplug everything (sometimes a system will to boot from a camera drive or the SD card on a printer, so try unplugging those, first) including the power cord. Then press and hold the power button for a full 60 seconds.

Hook up the power cord and power the system up (don't hook up anything else!). Once you see the hard drive light flashing and it appears to be booting up, go ahead and hook up the monitor cable. If that looks good, go ahead and hook everything else and you should be fine.

Weird. This tip was provided to me by Dell tech support awhile ago, but I didn't document it. Since this is the second time it's happened, I thought I better put the tip where I could find it.

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