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Dell Bluetooth Mouse Headache

By steve - Posted on 28 May 2008

So I pick up a nice new bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo for a client whilst ordering a laptop from Dell. The keyboard would sync right up (after entering the prompted for bluetooth pass code), but I couldn't get the mouse to sync. I checked the documentation and the latest on the Dell site for those devices, but it said nothing about being prompted for a passcode for the mouse. It turns out that you need to enter 0000 for the passcode, then the mouse will sync up. Sheesh. For reference, this is for P/N 810-000264 and it also shows a D P/N of UN733.


Thank you! This little problem annoyed the hell out of me.

where do you enter the 0000 passcode?

If you have this issue, you should be prompted on screen by the bluetooth stack.

mother f'er that was annoying. Thanks for the post

Wow this was extremely frustrating. Thanks a lot. This would be such a great thing for the manufacturer to, i don't know, tell people about somewhere...

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