You are hereCritical Dell Latitude D620 BIOS Update (A08)

Critical Dell Latitude D620 BIOS Update (A08)

By steve - Posted on 13 April 2007

Dell has a critical BIOS update for the D620. I was experiencing problems with my trusty laptop where both processors where running at 100% and the system was acting very flaky. The unit was extremely hot and I didn't feel any air coming from the vents.

I upgraded from A04 to A08 as a matter of course (when there are heat/fan problems on a laptop, you can often solve them with a BIOS update). Since then, the system is cooling off and has been running at normal speeds again.

The update is highly recommended.


I tried to run the BIOS upgrade but Vista throws up a flash error and says reboot and try again.

How do you create a boot disk to get around this?

thanks explains how to create a bootable USB memory stick, which should do the trick.


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