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AVG Remote Admin Server Goes to 100% CPU

By steve - Posted on 26 April 2011

One of my client's AVG Remote Admin servers would go to 100% CPU usage and then refuse remote connections. Sometimes it would be temporary, but sometimes it would take a start/stop of the service to get things going again.

That would be OK, once a year or so, but this system started needed it every week.

While I haven't run a full week after what I did, I did come up with a way to start off with a clean database, which is what the problem was, I think...

I came up with a couple of steps to "clean up" the database in AVG9. When I started, the database was 900mb and after doing this clean up, it is down to 696mb.

The other thing I did was to adjust down the frequency of how often the server communicated with the stations. An admin had apparently thought that super-frequent-notifications were better, but once you reach a certain number of stations, hitting the server every minute for an update check was slowing things down. Especially when the default setting was 4 hours for that.

Check Your Frequencies

First, set your frequencies:

  • Start AVG Admin Console
  • Click Tools/Shared Settings for Stations
  • Click Schedules
  • Click Virus database update schedule and make sure it is reasonable, like 1 hour or the default 4 hours
  • Click Program update schedule and make sure that is no more frequent than daily
  • Click Remote Administration and make sure sync is no more often that hourly and set the Retrieve messages from server every 5 minutes
  • Save that


Next, backup your database by exporting it:

  • Start Remote Admin, if you need to
  • Click DataCenter
  • Click Database export...
  • Pick a folder--make sure you actually create an empty folder because the export creates a ton of files and they will intermix with the others in the folder
  • Click OK and let the export run (it may pause in a few spots, but let it chug along)
  • Click OK
  • Exit out of Remote Admin

Import with Deployment Wizard

Import your database into an empty, fresh, new one, by running the Deployment Wizard:

  • When you run the Wizard, nothing happens until you hit the final confirm window and tell it to go, so don't worry that as you select options it isn't doing anything--it is just collecting your options and will do everything at the end
  • Click Start/AVG Remote Admin/AVG Remote Admin Deployment Wizard
  • Click Next on the startup window
  • Set your roles (I have both on one system)
  • Set it to backup your database
  • Select on Database setup options that you want to "Create new empty DataCenter database"
  • Indicate your type (for me it is Firebird and English)
  • Check that you want to "Import data" and pick the same folder you exported to earlier
  • Set your user name and password, if you did that for each workstation
  • Select the download location
  • Select the Proxy locations
  • Add Admin server to the update server list
  • Now is the time to review your selections--when you hit the Deploy button, everything will be updated and cleared and run as you have chosen, so be sure
  • When you are ready, click the Deploy button and wait patiently...
  • When it comes back, you'll have a nice, fresh database that should be totally consistent

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