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Tip: Largest Files in Linux

Here's a quick tip on how to find the largest files on your Linux system. If you are running low on disk space, knowing your largest files can be very handy for getting rid of especially large unneeded files and getting things going, again. I know I sometimes set aside a backup of a database that might be 20GB or more, such as during a migration or upgrade or debug session, then end up forgetting I have it sitting there. When space gets tight, I look for the largest files first, then I don't have to spend a lot of time getting things back where they belong.

This command will list the 30 largest files on your system and sort from largest file size down in size. This 2015 version is improved and takes into account filenames with spaces or escaped characters:

find / -mount -type f -printf '%s|"%h/%f"\n' | \
 awk '{FS="|"; printf "%10d MB\t%s\n",($1/1024)/1024,$2}' | \
 sort -rnk1 | head -30

Run it as all one line.

8 Things I Don't Understand About India

Here are some things I don't understand about India...

  1. Why do I wash my hands with water I can't drink?
  2. Why do the western style toilets use 12 liters of water, but never fully flush?
  3. Why is the shower in the middle of the bathroom so that everything gets wet, including the toilet paper?
  4. Why are the wall switches so badly designed and identified that not even the homeowner knows what they do?
  5. Why are there three kinds of power sockets?
  6. Why can I get great pizza, lattes, and KFC, but no hamburger? (never mind on this one...)
  7. Why is it that the same people that stare angrily at you in the street would, after you say hello, invite you to stay with them in their home for as long as you like?
  8. Why do I hate going to India, but miss it when I'm gone?

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