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Quickbooks Enterprise 10 Hangs or Stalls After Login

A user at a client was having a problem when logging into Quickbooks Enterprise 10 on a Windows Terminal Server.

I'm pretty sure what I did fixed it, so here's what I did...

Excel 2003 Crashing on Cut or Paste

I had a user report that, all of a sudden, anytime they cut or pasted something in Excel 2003 running on Windows 7, Excel would crash.

We'd had a problem before with Skype and Bluetooth causing Excel to crash, but when I checked this setting in the registry, it WAS set to zero as needed:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Excel\Addins \BtOfficeAddin.BtOfficeIntegration.1\LoadBehavior REG_DWORD 0x0

Change the LoadBehavior key from 3 to 0, if needed. In this case, it was already 0.

So, that left the user still having the problem...

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1s Won't Boot

OK, fantastic, I just got a free, totally sweet, Samsung Galaxy 10" Tablet for being at Google IO. I spent the second day of GoogleIO using only the tablet (and barely my Nexus One phone) having left my backpack and laptop safely locked up. Feeling the freedom, baby! I was hoping for about 8 hours of battery, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that, after a full day of use during the conference, I still had 50% of my battery left!

Everything was going fantastic. I dropped my stuff off in my hotel room, set up everything to charge, the took off for dinner (In-N-Out, DoubleDouble combo #1, if you're keeping track).

When I got back to my room after dinner, disaster had struck! My little tablet was totally dead. Completely unresponsive. All attempts to reset by holding in the power button failed. I was getting pretty desperate...

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