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kb2596927 Prevents Office 2007 Excel VBA macros from running

I have a client that is dependent on Excel 2007 and a bunch of macros written in vba to run their business. Some of the users let me know today that, all of a sudden, the macros that run when the worksheet file is opened are throwing a debug error.

The error is "object doesn't support this property or method" which is a runtime error of 438.

When I tried checking some things in the interactive window after clicking on the debug option, I couldn't get any object values to be available in VBA. For instance, checking the value of a button's visibility gave me the same error the user was getting. It was acting like none of the objects in the worksheet even existed!

After a little trial and error, I figured out that the users having the problem had applied the "Tuesday Night Security Patch" from Microsoft and started trying to narrow things down.

I pulled the Excel specific stuff first (just one file, really) and that didn't do it.

So, I kept digging...

Network Zimbra 6 Backups Stop Running

I had a situation where I had to recover a failing Zimbra email server running Network version 6.x. The hardware was failing, so I recovered the system to a new virtual server. There were a lot of things to deal with in moving to a new system, but I had everything back and running in about 12 hours (there was almost a terabyte of messages to move to the new system).

Everything looked good, but when I went back to do a reality check on the system a week later, I found out that the automatic backups weren't running.

It took a little research, but I figured out how to get backups to run again...

Java Installation Issues on Windows 7 64-bit; Error 1335 with

As most people now know, java being installed (and seldom updated) on nearly every system running Windows has created major security problems, what with all of the security holes being "day one" exploited.

The proper solution (as is the case with most security problems) is to remove something when it isn't specifically needed!

When I looked at my own system, I had disabled java from being activated by the browser (disabling the add-ins for chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.) so I was relatively safe from website/ad based attacks, but I also found that I was running three different installations of java including two for 32-bit and one for 64-bit.

I figured the easy thing to do was remove all of them, then add back the freshest version of one I needed for my Eclipse IDE to work.

Uninstall went fairly well, but I had problems when I tried to install the 64-bit version of java. Every time I installed it, I would get:

Error 1335: The cabinet file required
for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used.

I tried lots of different things from the googles, but it took a combination of things to get it to finally install...

False IP Spoofing Errors on Load Balanced Sonicwall

I have a sonicwall TZ200 with 3 internet connections that are set up to be load balanced. The internet connections are from 3 different providers providing a T1, an 8mb DSL, and a 24mb cable connection.

Connection A: T1 with public services behind a NAT firewall
Connection B: DSL
Connection C: Cable

Everything is peachy and load balancing works.

However, I wanted to set up a WLAN that didn't touch any of my primary network. The idea was to use this WLAN for guests. I could give them access to that and not worry about them having access to my internal resources, killing my DHCP addresses with their previously-assigned-home-addresses, or infecting the rest of my network with some lame malware.

Connection A: T1 with public services behind a NAT firewall
Connection B: DSL
Connection C: Cable <- Attached Router with WLAN

I picked up a nice industrial style wireless router and wired it to my cable modem. The cable modem has a static IP address range assigned to it. I let the wireless router pull an internal address from the cable modem, though (, and I was up and running.

The only thing was, whenever I tried to access the publicly available services behind my primary IP address (the NAT'ed devices on my business network), the Sonicwall would tag the traffic from my new WLAN as an IP SPOOF attempt and block it.

See, the Sonicwall looks at traffic coming in from Connection A and sees Connection C's IP address on it. Figuring that can't be, (X1 should not be getting traffic from X3), the Sonicwall protects me. But I don't want that!

I tried a couple of things like manual routing traffic to the direct connected port and a few other things and a little Googling did little for me.

The ultimate solution turned out to be kind of elegant...

Odd Excel 2003 Hanging Mouse Cursor

I had a system with an odd little problem. The user was using Excel 2003 and all of a sudden, it looked like Excel hung. Everywhere the user clicked with the left mouse button, nothing happened. The right button would select a cell an inch away from the cell that was clicked on and the pop-up menu would appear down and to the right from the point clicked. While Excel looked like it was hung, it really wasn't as even though it wasn't behaving, it was running...

Zimbra Upgrade Complains About Hosts File

When upgrading Zimbra, one of the first things it does is check your hosts file for two entries. It needs a valid localhost entry (the mysql setup is sensitive about this) and it needs a valid host FQDN entry for the server itself.

It wants to see something like this: mail      localhost.localdomain localhost

The upgrade script kept complaining that my hosts file was incorrect, but those two entries where there and they looked fine.

Here's the error (sic):

 ERROR: Installation can not proceeed.
  Please fix your /etc/hosts file


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