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Do you want to try CoreOS or Docker?

Have you ever wanted to try CoreOS or Docker? For web developers that want to scale their applications, these are some of the hottest technologies to come along for a long time. You've been able to build some servers using CoreOS for a few months with AWS and Google, but the cost to play has been a little high.

When I played with Google and CoreOS for a few days, it cost me about $5 per day per server. That adds up pretty quick, if you want to try 10 servers and you're on a developer's budget.

How would you like to try 10 servers and have it only cost you $40 for a whole month!

You can if you follow this link. That link will give you a $10 credit (2 free servers for a month!) and I'll get a little something back, too, if you keep the service.

I really love DO's (DigitalOcean's) servers and interface. I've used a number of other cloud server providers and DO offers solid value and an easy interface. And now, fast and fun access to CoreOS and Docker containers!

Go for it!

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