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Network Zimbra 6 Backups Stop Running

I had a situation where I had to recover a failing Zimbra email server running Network version 6.x. The hardware was failing, so I recovered the system to a new virtual server. There were a lot of things to deal with in moving to a new system, but I had everything back and running in about 12 hours (there was almost a terabyte of messages to move to the new system).

Everything looked good, but when I went back to do a reality check on the system a week later, I found out that the automatic backups weren't running.

It took a little research, but I figured out how to get backups to run again...

Avoiding Password Prompt When Using ssh

When creating scripts and automating contacts between systems, especially unix-based stuff, you often want things to be automatic without a password prompt. Your script will hang at the password prompt and you'll not be running your process like you want! This is really bad for a scheduled process and kind of annoying for a manual process. You'll get prompted for each command you run.

The solution is to use a private/public key on your systems so that ssh, scp, and related commands won't prompt for a password...

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