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By steve - Posted on 25 November 2008

I have gained a bit of experience over the years and I was thinking it might save other people some time if they could learn some of the things I've learned in a little easier way than I had to learn them (which is usually the hard way).

So, I've set a goal of writing down 100 or so of the secrets I've learned about having a great, fun, and interesting career in the world of Information Technology (hence forth referred to as IT).

I've worked a lot of jobs and held different responsibilities, but I've spent most of my time in consulting and contract work. Doing so has provided me with a pretty broad base from which to see things. I've worked in many different industries and for many different people. I've done my time in manufacturing, distribution, services, government, and non-profit. Most of my time has been in the US, but I've also done a little international work.

So, with that in mind, let's get started and take a look at my 100 secrets for changing your IT world...

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