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Changing the Pull Down List of Users on the "Microsoft Office Outlook Credentials" Prompt Window

By steve - Posted on 07 April 2006

When an Outlook user is setup to prompt for credentials (user/password), particularly when using RPC over HTTP for remote Outlook 2003 users, there is a prompt called "Microsoft Office Outlook Credentials" (in the task manager program list) with a prompt that says, "Connecting to" followed by the server's name. The user can enter domain\user and their password and then the basic authentification information is sent over an encrypted connection via RPC to the Exchange server and the user gets authenticated. However, I was having trouble finding out how to maintain the list of users that show when you pull down the user list. It was always blank or had something else listed. If a user clears the name, then they have to type it in again.

I tried to find the list stored somewhere in the registry, but couldn't find it. So after some extensive googling, I found out that the list is maintained by "Stored username and password" feature of Windows XP. To add or remove users from this list:

  • Log in as the user (not as administrator)
  • Click start/run
  • Type: control keymgr.dll
  • Press ENTER
  • You'll be presented with a gui with the list of stored user names and passwords.
  • To delete a set of credentials, click the item and click [Remove]
  • To change a set of credentials, click the item and click [Properties]
  • To add a set of credentials (this is what we want to do so they show on the pull down), click [Add]
    • For the server prompt, enter the full name (in the format of servername.domain.local)
    • Enter the user name using the domain format: mydomain\myuser
    • Enter the password, if you want, but Outlook will continue to prompt for it and ignore your entry here.
    • Click [OK]
  • Click [Close]
  • If Outlooks is running, exit it and restart it
  • When you are prompted to "Connect to", you should see the user on the pull down list!

For what it is worth, this program is also available from the "User Accounts" screen in XP as "Manage my network passwords". You can get to that by running nusrmgr.cpl or clicking start/settings/control panel/user accounts or something like that. I just prefer the direct method.

Control.exe: application to allow you to run control panel applications (especially ones that are dlls) directly.

keymgr.dll: application to manage stored network users and passwords.


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