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Polycom 500 IP Phone Blocks 3rd digit When Dialing

By steve - Posted on 19 July 2005

In setting up my asterisk pbx, I had decided to use the Polycom 500 IP phones. I really like these phones as they integrate well with asterisk and have great sound quality. However, in my testing, I found that when I accessed an outgoing connection, then started dialing, the 3rd digit would usually get dropped (even though the tone sounded) and I end up a digit short.

For instance, you would select an outbound line, dial 9, the first digit of your number, then the phone screen would flash "connecting", dropping my next digit, then I would end up with a 6 digit phone number.

I played with all sorts of settings and dropped back a version of the rom; just about everything I could think of didn't make a difference. I kept thinking it was a problem with the rom because I didn't seem to have the problem in the initial release of the rom before I upgraded. I also felt it could be in the digitmap for the dial plan, but various combinations there made no difference.

I finally figured out that by setting the values below in the phone1.cfg file (the basis for all my phone-specific config files), I could keep the phone from dropping my 3rd digit:

  • dialplan.1.impossibleMatchHandling="2"
  • dialplan.1.digitmap="0|3xx|4xx|7xx|100|9T
  • dialplan.1.digitmap.timeOut="30"

I'll probably end up tweaking these a little more, but they solved my problem. The impossiblematchhandling option prevents the phone from starting the call while I am still dialing, if it doesn't recognize the match. The digitmap is set up for my current model for extension processing. The timeout is how long it should wait before going ahead and dialing. I'm training my users to hit the "send" button on the phone, for now, using the cell phone model for dialing that everyone is familiar with.


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