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IBM Drive Settlement

By steve - Posted on 08 June 2005

IBM has reached a settlement agreement for a bad batch of deskstar hard drives. These drives had a comparatively high failure rate. I have a bunch of systems that were affected. For some reason, I hung on to the old drives and didn't dispose of them as I normally would have. Sometimes you just luck out! Each bad drive is worth $100! (Each good drive that hasn't failed, yet, is only good for some free CDs and other swag.)

The models affected include the 75GXP models DTLA 307-015, DTLA 307-020, DTLA 307-030, DTLA 307-045, DTLA 307-060, and DTLA 307-075.

The settlement provides remedies for all persons and entities in the United States who, during the period March 15, 2000 through March 4, 2005, purchased for their own use and not for resale or distribution (i) a new Qualifying 75GXP from IBM or from any entity authorized by IBM to sell such 75GXP, or (ii) a pre-assembled computer system that contained as a component a new Qualifying 75GXP. Excluded from the Class are IBM employees and those persons who have executed releases releasing IBM from liability concerning or encompassing any or all claims that are the subject of this Action.

You have to file a form for each drive you own and other limitations apply. For all the details, see the settlement's website.


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