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Addonics SATA - IDE/ATAPI Converter

By steve - Posted on 12 May 2005

I found a nifty solution to a problem I've been running into lately. I really like SATA drives and related technologies. However, some of my nitty-gritty software tools don't recognize them. For instance, I wanted to image an IDE/ATA drive over to a SATA drive. The motherboard on the system I was using could talk to both drives, but the image software could not.

I ordered the ADSAIDE Addonics Technologies SATA - IDE/ATAPI Converter from for about $32 as a workaround. This nifty little mini-board connects to your SATA drive to an IDE controller. Now my image software sees the drive as a typical IDE drive and can go ahead and image the IDE drive.

The board is well put together and works well for what I want (IDE to SATA migration). I'm not sure I would use it in a production system, since SATA drives deserve SATA interfaces, but it worked pretty well for what I wanted. Performance-wise, it isn't that impressive. I'm pretty sure the translation going on is a big factor. In my imaging test, it looks like it runs about 5 times SLOWER than normal IDE.


  • SATA 1.0
  • Convert any SATA device to IDE
  • Support for ATA 33/66/100/133
  • 48 bits LBA (drives over 137GB with one partition)
  • Mini board size without any mounting (connects directly to cable and back of SATA drive)
  • 75mm x 26mm
  • Bootable
  • No drivers needed
  • Compatible with any OS that supports IDE
  • Supports Spread Spectrum in receiver
  • Compliant with ATA specs
  • Uses floppy style power connector on the board, but includes a power extension/converter cable

Summary: Overall I'm pleased with the investment. I can see using it for data recovery, drive imaging, temporary workarounds, and other support operations, but I don't see using it in a production environment.

Results: RECOMMENDED (for your toolkit)


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