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Mojocode's own blog software has been developed

By steve - Posted on 01 April 2005

I wanted to add a simple, easy to use blog capability for my website. Everything I looked at, including hosting it externally was overkill for what I wanted. So what is a developer to do? I made my own. By adding some file processing capability to my website build scripts (written in perl), I've added the ability to blog away. I can still see room for a number of improvements, including the ability to do things with a GUI, but right now this should work just fine.

All I do to add a blog entry is update a text file with a new delimited record/row and run my normal build script. I have control over everything including layout, links, and if a "read more..." link is needed.

Now the problem is finding something interesting to write...

UPDATE: I now use drupal 4.7 instead of the scripts described here.


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